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  1. Sorry guys, not too sure which forum to have posted to but I currently live in a state where marijuana is not legal, and has very harsh marijuana laws. I really want reform, but it seems like a long battle for my state. I find myself wanting to make the government's job harder by spreading marijuana. I want to spread my seeds wherever I find a suitable location on public and government property.
    Now I'm not talking about walking out in the middle of a road median and planting my clones, but rather tossing seeds in viable spots. I've even started collecting all my seeds and storing them to use as bird feed. I've heard some birds digestive tract won't actually ruin the viabilty of the seed after ingestion. Is this correct?

    sorry I'm high right now, but it just seems like if that's the case then hell... we all ought to be saving our seeds and feeding our birds to let them do the work, spread the seed, and make a statement for us! I mean IF some of the seeds are still viable after a bird ingests them, and the bird shit does spread the seed, how much more difficult will it be for the government to eradicate marijuana with it popping up everywhere??

    Seems like it would force their arm to spend loads more money eradicating wild marijuana... and we all know we don't have the money for that. I don't expect law enforcement to give up, but I do intend to make it harder for them lol. And if this really did spread the plant around, and we could get more people involved then the amount of marijuana the government would be fighting to eradicate would quickly become overwhelming and financially burdening... that's enough to get the press to notice and do stories on the financial burden and irresponsibility of government spending... That argument leads to the economic benefits of legalization...

    It's a long process, but if birds really can spread the seed I don't see why we all don't do this. most of us trash our seeds anyway, so why not use them the way nature intended, And work towards our goals at the same time?
  2. People have been doing this for a while, just not a whole lot of them. Usually they make so called "bombs" which are basically a clay mix wrapped around a seed, which you carry around in your pocket and dump in viable locations.

    It would be great to have MJ all over the globe, but again, this could be a problem in the future when male plants spread their pollem all over the place.

    But hey, I'm all up for it, I just need to get my seeds :p

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