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  1. Anyone have a good idea of what can be used as a bowl instead of tin foil
  2. soda can.. or use a socket as the bowl and make ur self something nice. use the search and type in home made u will find many ideas
  3. avoid pop cans. the paint burns on em and it doesnt taste too great. ive heard its not soo great for ya either. Neither is a foil bowl.
    Use an apple =)
    easy to make and you can eat the eviddeennceeee
  4. Fruits work surprisingly well. You can make a gravity bong with a ratchet and a soda bottle. Lots of homemade things, but it really depends on what you have lying around your house.
  5. apples are cost friendly.
  6. sockets work well..small 1/4 inch drive ones though.
    little maglite flashlight parts can be used
  7. Use an apple. A CLEAN socket can be used as a bowl.
  8. make a carrot chillium, its healthy to smoke out of and makes a healthy snack when you get the munchies :)

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