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  1. How r u guys sure that when u buy ur seeds online, they come as the strain u chose.?. i mean r u sure they send the rite ones.?. common i mean most people r just impressed that the seeds came. if u know someone thats for real post an inter. address. im sure alot of people want the real ish.
  2. As do the majority of seed banks, we send ours out unopened, in the original breeders packaging. Also, if we all sent out the wrong ones all the time I'm sure it wouldn't take long to get a very bad reputation!
  3. can I get some really good seed from you. I mean, some Hawaiin stuff?
  4. Our 'Hawii - Mauwi Waui' is a popular strain, it's a pure Sativa mixed with a Hawaiian Skunk. Nice natural high.

    This strain can be grown indoors and outdoors.
  5. that is also (known as that more). Well I am going to buy like the 50 nothern lights, 50 white widows, then a few free samples of "king". Except I am not sure if its the cops or not, there are many things on that site that sound very fishy. But I'll try it soon enough anyways!

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