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  1. I planted 8 seeds about a month ago, 4 being purple power feminized, 4 random bagseed.

    turned out i get 6 females, pulled the males 2 weeks ago.

    but recently all of them started budding already? wtf? They're in 4-5 gallon pots with a potting soil+ peralite+ peet moss+ compost mix. I asked my uncle bout it and he said he never seen that and he grew for 10 years in colorado, he can't come to see them for another week though.

    i'll post pics later today.

    I live in hawaii btw, so climate isn't really the problem.
  2. It's Mid September and you live in the Northern Hemisphere, even pure sativa strains are well into flowering by now. Even though the plants are a month old they are going to flower based on the photo period.
  3. ahhh fail, when do you think i can start some new plants? so they wont flower right away.
  4. next spring duh! lol its the end of the season, most people harvest in september or october. Not sure where you live but Im in new england and i get mine out May 1st and i dont plan on harvesting till at least oct 1st.

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