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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tipsy, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. i have a question about green dragon is it worth is like is it just the same effects as smokin and drinkin or is it diff and everclear is best for it right? and how much should i put in it and for how long? and how much is safe to drink?
  3. I'll have to go with the Search Button, as well. No hard feelings, buddy.
  4. Fuck it, I like this topic cause I'm saving up stems for the first time, myself.

    Yea, the higher the % of alcohol, the more thc extracted and the less of the plant stuff gets extracted(vodka etc has more water which absorbs the plant shit, while the alcohol gets the thc).

    I think stems and a little weed for kicks is the best way to do it, hence the way I'm gonna do it. I have a bunch of stems saved up, but I really can't guess how much they weigh all together yet(1/8???). I'm going to add them all to a bottle of 100 proof(or so) vodka and I'm gonna break up a gram of weed and put it in their too. Maybe i'll take some vodka out first to make it more potent. All I know is to keep it in their for a few weeks to a few months, shake it occationally, maybe once a day.

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