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  1. I ordered a CCG hammer from here at the begining of Feb. and my bank statement shows payment accepted on the 12th. I still haven't heard anything as far as my order goes. Should I be concerned or is this just how long it takes?

    Either way, can't wait to have it :)
  2. I'll send SJ a PM..

    It takes a while for the glass items...Usually a month or so!
  3. Cool. I had hopes of brining it on my ski trip to VT next week. But it would be just as nice to think I was coming home to it :)

  4. colrochanging glass always take somewhat longer, but sens your order # to with your question and it will be handled in 24 hours

  5. What if someone happens to be kinda stupid and has lost their order number?
  6. Check your emails. That's where mine was when I thought I had lost it. :p

  7. Send every bit of the info you used to order (except maybe the cc # if you used one) to the email address that SJ provided. Do NOT post it here. Explain that you lost your order # like a silly stoner and that you need the status of your stuff. :)
  8. Just got it. Wish I had a digital camera. It is a fair bit different than I pictured it, but it is actually better.
    Here is what I ordered:

    What I got is all kinda purple with flecks of gold and kinda green. In the sunlight it sparkels and shine like no pipe I have ever seen. Up close there are crazy lines. It is like those cool things they sell where sand falls through water and makes patterns. Huge chamber and bowl. Real thick with a perfect mouth.

    My only issues is that it does not have a double maria on the stem like I had hoped. Oh well.

    PS: Breaking it in on some Blueberry and it hits like a fucking avalanche. God damn.

  9. ah , I love happy endings ;-)


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