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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Floods, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I consider myself a seasoned toker, but I dont know anything about growing weed.

    My question is, has anyone else gotten weed that looked shitty, and didnt really smell like anything good, but it was dense as shit, and got you really baked?

    My secondary question is, how is that possible, is it the way the person that grew it took care of it?
  2. So once i went to my friends house, he still lives with his parents in a gated community, and so we went to a party and heard this guy had purple haze. So we walked about 15 mins home then back to get money, met the guy who turned out to be like 15 and he had a juicy fruit wrapper filled with what might be brick weed after i ate it and crapped it out, probably about.3 g which he said was 2g


    then again it was my fault for believing it without seeing it
  3. You ate it and shit it back out?

    The only thing keeping it from touching your ass walls and feces was a juicy fruit wrapper?

    Maybe it looked like shit because, well, YOU SHIT IT OUT.
  4. I've gotten weed before that smelled like nothing, but had a very nice effect. Another thing is if it is dense and you can't break it into super small pieces, it will burn slower, elongating your smoke session.
  5. Umm yeah... I don't know why you guys are getting off subject talking about your schwag... but anyways... to answer your question Flood.

    Yes it depends on the type of strain, soil, and time the grower put into the herb to make it the best. But since your talking about really dense weed im guessing you had gotten some brick herb which is really compressed herb. And to tell you the truth after living in Ohio for 14 years and moving to California... I went back to Ohio and the brick weed didn't get me high at all... it like gave me a headache... just smoke that KUSH! LATES
  6. You can have good genetics but handle it poorly. If it's not grown optimally and it's dried and cured improperly then packed into bricks for shipping it's going to smell and look nasty compared to the same bud properly nurtured and cured.
  7. Yeah, im guessing it just comes down to what the grower did, it wasnt bricked, but I think just the way he grew it, messes it up, but it was still a good strain and got me baked.

    no complaints.

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