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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Marklar3012, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. I love smoking everyday. My biggest complaint though is weight gain. Any suggestions on curbing the "muchies" when smoking?

    I find myself in repetitive pattern of smokeing, getting the muchies, pigging out, smoking, getting muchbies, pigging out, smoking, well I think you get the idea.
  2. Work out, eat healthier, be more active when high
  3. drink more to fill up? Eat healthier foods fruits and vegatables.
  4. I am very active through the day, and eat reasonably well. I'm not over wieght (yet) but have added a 10-20lbs the past year or so, and cant help but think devouring an extra 2000 caloires before bedtime could be contributing. These pretty much uncontrollable cravings happen at night. usally start at my after dinner joint.

    I'll try doing some pushups, situps, or jogging, after smoking out, but I think I'm still going to want a few twinkies and a tall glass of milk..

    mmmmmm.... twinkies!!!!
  5. To put it simple..JUST DONT EAT. Chew gum, eat heathyer food.
  6. Man anything with milk is the bomb with late at night munchies.
  7. i just try to not keep any munchie food near me. i live with my parents, so i have to smoke when they go to sleep, and if after i blaze i decide to go rooting around in the kitchen at 1130 i know id get caught fast, so i just dont eat when im high, after a few weeks of not munching it becomes really easy to not eat and you will probably prefer it.

    f you cant find a way to cut food off, then get something really good to drink, like iced tea, water, or diet pop and just drink it til you dont want to eat, and its still going to taste amazing. hope this can help.

    even though i rarely munch out anymore i still enjoy a trip to the neighborhood taco bell for some cheesy gordita crunches. :D

  8. ZOMG! A huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


    and then smoke another joint.
  9. Are there any specific strains that induce less food cravings?

    If not... maybe "Diet Ganja"
  10. Dude I gained a few pounds when I started smoking too. Kept it on for a few years, but now I'm doing a low carb thing. It's cool because I can eat baconators (delicious!) and not worry about it. I just need to eat it without the bun. :D It's a pain in the ass for a while, but I've lost 15 lbs so far. I'm also working out now. And no sign of stopping the smoke. :smoke:
  11. I've been smoking daily for almost 10 years. When does the newb status go away??

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