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Am i a whore??

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  1. Am i a whore, honestly now am i?? :D

    edit: - just thought i\'d ask this im going out now... an just before...someone called me one... so i just wanna get all your opinions on things....:)
  2. Yeah, you\'re a whore, gravy!!! :) Have a good time! *SMOOCHES*
  3. Bah, take it as a compliment! Recently I have been black listed as a man whore! Just follow-up with a witty, but questioning AND.. Then watch as the confused slanderer sputters into a helpless void of confusion and loss of wit
  4. Well now, do you fit in these catagories??

    A prostitute.
    A person considered sexually promiscuous.
    A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.

    intr.v. whored, whor·ing, whores
    To associate or have sexual relations with prostitutes or a prostitute.
    To accept payment in exchange for sexual relations.
    To compromise one\'s principles for personal gain
  5. At least whores charge! Sluts give it up for free! ;)
  6. well as it goes goes...two people called me that yesterday..... my gf and a friend.....

    sooop Bh im guessing ( or at least hoping ) its the third..... cause i know i haven\'t been hangin round any prostitutes... an last that i can remember, i didn\'t charge for sex....

    so im guessing # 3 either that or we got a group of people who got thier definition of whoredom confuesed....

    an Rmjl... haha, last night was just goin out to chill.... tonight\'s goin out to cause some trouble...:D

    but always.... work before play..... but tonight.... i get to play extra hard.... :p
  7. You\'re a gravy whore! Have fun tonight since last night wasn\'t the action packed adventure I thought it was going to be. :D

  8. you can\'t just post that and not follow it up! were you upto last night? out.........Sid

  9. wouldn\'t you like to know mate...;)

    last night was a lil more exciting....ended up in a lil scuffle but alls good now, for me anyway....:D

    thing is a 4 of my friends just enlisted into the marines ( for a reason beyond me??) so they\'re leaving in like 4 days... so they\'re makin the most of it before they leave... havin parties night after night.....

    last night was great..... but tonight should topp it....:p

    and im a gravy whore??? does that have anything to do with me being naked and a huge pot of warm gravy covering my....... well im sure you get the image.....:D
  10. so i guess the consensus ain\'t so bad after all....:D

  11. Huh?

    ...and yes, while I wasn\'t going for that reason, that\'s exactly why you\'re a gravy whore, gravy!!! :p

  12. I know... but theres always room for some cute metal imagery...:D

    an dang\'d if i ain\'t the nicest whore who ya ever met...:p

    p.s. - hand still hurts...
  13. the real question you are asking here is................. is gravy a whoreable thing ??? that is some deep philosophy man :D :D :D

  14. AHAHAHA best description ever!

  15. and if so, is this whoreing mental or physical...

    this is gonna end up being some metaphysics type stuff herrrre...:p

  16. Forget the mental and physical part, it\'s just natural!

  17. you know... do you always have to blow up my excuses??

    i coulda gone somewhere with that... :p
    though....where it went woulda probably been dirty anyway...

    an hey, all natural is gooood for ya...;)

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