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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by andi, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. yesutrday i was digging around in my step dads stash. i found this unknown stuff but then today i realized it must be the leaves from the plants he grows. chopped up, because he did that last year. except if its the leaves, its more moist then last year. before it was just dried leaves he was smoking, i took some, it doesn't really do much. i didn't smoke it anymore because it was retarded. but i wonder if this stuff will be like that? its more moist, & darker...
    opinions? i guess i want to know if you guys agreee that its leaves, it kind of smells like earth. haha i don't know o_O
    and my step dad is a big stoner, if leaves don't do much i wonder why he bothers with them?
  2. Maybe it's just a certain type of buds he likes, but you shouldn't steal from his stash bro
  3. Maybe he's collecting them to make hash or something :confused:

    Don't steal from his stash either man, thats pretty low. Just smoke with him.
  4. Salvia divinatorum (aka Ska Pastora), a homeade extract or a loosely chopped commercial extract could look like that and is faily moist. Take a hit and hold it in for like a min and if you hallucinate a squirrel and or laugh nonstop uncontrollably for 15 mins like I did then its salvia. If not you're probably right and its just leave. Make hash
  5. Ya i agree, I wouldnt like it to much if my step son was jacking my weed

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