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  1. got a new setup, just have a question, what does it mean when one plant has like 4 leaves and the other one has only 2??? see pic

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  2. Not much, just one is growing faster. They are also really stretched and desperatly need their own pot and more light.
  3. Holy shit chief! Those are like stalks!!!

    Get more light man - and put it waaaaaaaaaaay closer to those ladies! They are like chop sticks in there!
  4. well, i have a 400 watt MH bulb positioned about 12 inches above the plants, im using dirt with a 50% hydroponic growing solution designed for the veg state of tomatos (i was told that was the best) and really these are some dirt seeds, nothing really high quality, this is my first time growing, and i wanted to get my method down pat and really learn what there is to know about this plant, so this is really all experiment, ya know tirla and error, and i have a some what experienced pot head kinda helping me out. oh and the reason that i think that those plants looked to stalkish is because its a really close up pitcure, but then again i dont know what they are supposed to look like.
  5. I agree with Klutter those seedlings are way too stretched

    ..have you always been using that 400 watt bulb? they shouldn't be stretched at all with that light :confused:
  6. What do you mean by a 50% hydroponic growing solution for tomatoes? They are in dirt? Also please repot sooner rather than later. Anyway its not perfect but this is a good size seedling if I do say so myself. Also It could be a lot shorter as my 200 watt cfl is 12 inches away and I didn't bother to lower it. Hope this helps.

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    no, unfortunately, i haven't always been using that bulb..... ya got me on that one, like a week with a florescent and a week with that one. but on a good note, they have stopped growing upwards and started growing out. they still arent above the sticks, which are fireworks sticks :) but now have like 6 to 8 leaves, except that one :-(
  8. the best thing you could do is repot them into separate pots

    ..when you do this pot them deeper than they are now to try to "fix" the stretching.
    Pot them so the soil level is just below the cotyledons.

    and keep your light as close as you can to the plants without burning them
  9. ah, ok. when i get home, thats what i am going to do right away when i get home, and when i say that its a 50% hydroponic solution, yes, im using dirt as a growing medium, but im using a hydroponic solution to water them, and i have them set on a timer that waters them 3 times a day for 15 mins dripping by them. its really like a half hydroponic half dirt project, here, take a look with the light hood taken out for a sec.....

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