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  1. i was reading on tjhe search engine about yellow leaves , watering , over fertlizing i used mircle grow enriched potting soil and the mircle grow mix is that too much and what does it mean if when u water it and the water that draing thru is piss yellow?
    and the tips of the leaves are yellow.
  2. Okay...alot could be wrong.

    What ferts (any?) are you using?

    What lighting (any?) are you using?

    How often do you water?

    And finnaly, miracle grow isnt so great, it has a tendency to build up salts which can be harmful for your plant, which is more than likely your problem, but first lets figure out what else it could be.
  3. i am useing mircle grow enriched potting soil and the regular mircle grow watering fert
    the lighting isnt that great i have a 120 watt floro i think it saig agro grow on the box i leave the light on alot when it is crappy out and at night for 10 hrs otherwise it gets the sun light
  4. oh i water when the soil feesl dry and when i do water it drains out its yellow
  5. I'd think its because of the ferts then.
  6. yip.....had the same problems using miricle can be good, but you have to be real carefull and look out for the signs early on.......firstly, using miricle grow soil, don't fert till the plant is at least 21 days that it has too much, flush the medium with approx 2-3 times the pot size, and let all the yellow water run away........then it be ok for approx 1 week with all the water it has retained, then give it only water for a week and then fert again with a 1/2 strength this all depends on the age of the plant, you can veg using miricle grow soil for 4 weeks and not fert at all till it's flowering...........Peace out...........Sid

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