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  1. hi guys at grass-city

    right ill try and keep this short,about 6 months ago i started my 1st grow,i was doing really well and had 6 female plants,but i made the common 1st grow mistake of messing around with the plants to much....dumb huh i did every thing wrong ...from over pruning,,u crying (u soon will be) to over fertilizing with the wrong kinda fert,and turned the whole crop into hoo i hear u cry lol

    i was gutted to say the least as i invested about £200 to get me started,plus all the electric the lights/fan took..and put no end of time ,and wot i thought was getting good information of the net from different sources.

    it was the crappest smoke i ever had the miss-fortune to smoke :( but i hear you all say poor guy thats a shitter...but this is where the good news begins....."i hope"

    out of all my efforts,even though the plants were a poor smoke,but kinda got ya high if u pretended lol..i got about a thousand seeds,now after gettin over my initial glumness about turning my good crop bad i thought this may not be such a bad thing!!

    hey after all 1000 seeds from a good hybrid cant be bad....but my problem is,iv just spent the last 3 months growing them from seeds i started 10 seeds 6 germinated and grew i loved them left them alone watered correctly and gave them the right light, 1 changed the lights to 12/12 to flower and a week later i saw males i got rid of them and i was left with four plants,a week later i thought it was time to re-evaluate wot plant was wot and there was another two males(gutted) but i though hey theres def 2 fem plants...woohooo he's not a complete plonka after all i hear u say.....mmmm hold ya judgement lol

    now it appears my last two plants are def turning hermie....double whammy ....

    my question is if i have a 1000 seeds that have come from female plants that were turned hermie ,does that mean my seeds are genetically hermie or male or have i just had a stroke of bad luck with this second grow.......i did get the males out early enough!!.....

    id really appreciate any advice u can give......

    cheers guys :)
  2. seeds carry the same genetics as the parents so, hermie seeds will have hermie genes and have a real high percent turning on you. Id grab some different seeds and give it another whirl.. peace, e :bolt:
  3. jesus not the answer i wanted dood, but thanx for ya post:)

    any chance of a second opinian lmfao....

    come on guys restore my faith in growing im fucked of with buying grit weed
  4. Don't buy grid weed.
    It's gonna fuck you up.

    Restore faith in growing?
    Or restore faith in yourself?

    Look at the bright side : you now know all the n00by things NOT to do with your plants.
    Get some decent seeds and start over.
    You'll be sure to outperform yourself!

    Good luck!:wave:
  5. cheers urg :) but are u sayin i should throw all them seeds away? because i would of thought that out of them seeds i aquired at least some of them will be females!!!

    again thanx for ya post

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