Discussion in 'General' started by stonedfisherman, Apr 5, 2003.

  1. i have a question. i can't roll a joint for shit. so i was woundering if there were rollers or something i could get at a tobacco outlet store. if so wwhat is the name of them and how much do they cost? any information will be appericated
  2. the futurola looks way cool, i've wanted to buy one for awhile! i have noticed though most smoke shops have a handful of them, and for usually no more than $5. the one i have i think is called a job roller, i can't roll for shit without my rolling machine lol!
  3. yeah, id invest in one if i were you. or just learn to roll

  4. from what ive seen, you cant really go wrong with the dollar bill trick.. then just learn to roll from that

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