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  1. Ive sprouted 3 plants...again, this is my first time growing. I have them indoors in seperated 6 inch pots, and within a week, the plants are already about 5 to 6 inches tall and the 2nd set of fan leaves are starting to sprout. When should I transplant to soil outdoors? Ive noticed that they are a little wobbly, (weak) from no natural wind. I have them in Miracle Grow, and I want them to do well.... Any suggestions?
  2. I've never transplanted outdoors.. but you can put a fan on the plants while indoors to help circulate air and produce stronger stems. If your plants are in an enclosed area this is a must, especially depending on temperature
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  3. Not enough light will give spindly stems ,because the plants are stretching to find it................but lack of natural wind ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? When my northern lights are 3 inches tall they are about 3 inch in diameter by the fan leaves . I think ya need light.

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