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Discussion in 'General' started by SuicidalRabbit, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. I feel quite depressedshould I smoke? Does it help you guys if you are depressed?
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  2. Dont know im not depressed.
    See a DR as weed effects everyone dfferently.
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  3. Don't worry...I'm a trained medical professional!

    I would see a doctor.*

    *I'm not really trained.:coolalt:
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  4. I use weed...I don't get depressed.
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  5. I figure pot pretty much saved my life the last 40 years. Kept me from eating my shotgun for sure.

    Try a little sativa. Works for me but just a little.
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  6. And he'll get what I got. Used like a lab rat to experiment with mind-altering drugs he has no right to be prescribing as he doesn't know anything about depression. Some that can drive you to suicide.
  7. I'm a fake Gynecologist, not a fake Psychiatrist. Check with your doctor to see if marijuana is right for you.
  8. medicine is a business....and doctors get gifts lets prescribe a medicine.
    no doctor is going to say you should smoke weed...
    like labrat business there,
    they rather get you addicted to chem. drugs
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  9. Never go to the doctors for depression. Their answer is mind altering, soul destroying, very profitable drugs. Drugs which will consume the rest of your half zombied life.

    I've been through he'll and back mentally, numerous times throughout my life.
    Suicide attempts, dead mates, dead kids, it's been a rough one to put it nicely.

    Best thing for it is the simple shit.
    Change your diet.
    Excersise more.
    Go to work.
    Stop drinking as much.
    Get out more, clean air and sunshine do amazing things for your mental state.
    And maybe most importantly, Figure out specifically what's bothering you.
    You might be able to change it or just drop it from your life completely.

    When shit stresses me out I now ask myself one simple question.
    "Can I fix it?"
    If I can, I'll go fix it.
    If I can't, fuck it. Who cares. Nothing I can do about it so I'll just forget about it until it pops up again then repeat step 1.
    Iether way my day continues stress free... Mostly lol.

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  10. I've always found It quite entertaining that the statutory leaflet in the back of most UK anti depressants/anxiety/ anti psychotics drugs clearly states in big letters at the very top.

    "Warning! Over 1 in 10 people WILL experience 1 or more of the following side effects"

    Psychotic episodes
    Suicidal tendencies

    And people still take them thinking they'll be cured of those exact same things.
    It's mental.

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