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  1. ive been thinking of growing some plants :D

    i have 10-15 seeds in a zip lock bag. i was planning on germinating the seeds, then burying them in the woods somewhere. i live near atlanta, and during the spring its warm, and usually rains an average amount.

    heres my questions:

    1.what are the chances my plant will make it? often would i need to water it? (i take 3 day vacations all the time, im sure that will interfere)
    3. will a spot in the woods provide enough sunlight?
    and last but not least
    4. how long will it be before its time to harvest?

    any and all help is appreciated
  2. The seeds should be planted in a field along the treeline.
    They will not recieve enough sunlight in the forest.

  3. chances 50-50, they either will or won't hard to tell

    water once a week whent he drought hits

    find a patch of poke berries and they grow where you want to plant.

  4. i live in massachuetts, and i grew a plant in the woods it was my first time growning, every1 told me that it was gonna die and their wouldnt b enought lite. that shit grew 2 feet in 2 weeks i almost shit i only checked it 1 time a week every saturday. i say like every 2 days their was a new set of leaves. i got 2 1/2 oz form my plant good for my first time. i also had never read anything about growing weed up untill that point. eversince then i have tried to grow 3-4 times and i got shit:-( lol first time is a charm )-:

  5. theres a clearing right in the middle of the woods.........should provide enough :)
  6. im from mass to and i didnt kno shit about growin but i got mine about 1 foot and then sold the plants im lookin forward to next summer .... this time with more seeds and a lot more knowlegde .. maybe even clone a few

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