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  1. The subliminal messages you've been getting since childhood, maybe earlier, when you are in tune and aware they become more clear. Especially the ones in songs.. even one that rebels on the outside, you see it clearly when you're high. Like Eddie Vedder's Society.. from Into the Wild.. it's like f u society i'm out but when you really listen to it it's like ok bye sob sob. I will be lost without u, not u without me sad face. Anyone able to relate? That was just an example, it could be anything. 
    So basically the question is:
    Do you get increased awareness regarding your subconscious mind / subliminal messsages when high?

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  2. Yup I can relate especially in songs its much easier to understand what they are trying to say.
    For instance I remember listening to alot of Third Eye Blind in HS and it was awesome whenever I was stoned and listening to it.
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  3. Oh yeah, all my stats get boosted. 
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