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  1. im growing, and i have a plant in veg. i was wonder if i could get an estimate of how big a yield i'd get if i put it into flowering today, sorry no pic, but its been in veg for about 2 or 2 1/2 monthsand its about 2 and a half feet tall. is this enough info to make an accurate estimation?
  2. It's impossible to tell what kind of yield you'll get as it's all down to the grow and the genetics of the plant....however if i were you i'd have triggered her allready.....2- 2 1/2 will end up 5+ feet when finished....the bigger they are the harder to maintain and provide surrounding light to it.....Peace out...Sid
  3. if i trigger my plant into flowring at 1 foot how tall will it be?
    i need a plant that can only be 4 feet tall ... including flower pots.. and my pots are already 1 foot tall ...
  4. yes trigger the flowering now at 12", it will be around 3-4' once fully grown.
    good luck
  5. If we move into flowering at 12" and expect flowering to go to about 3 feet what size flower pot is going to be suitable.
    I have been working my plants up to 5 Gallon pots, thinking the more soil the better but maybe won't need 5 gallon pots ifthey are only going to 3 foot tall.
    Thisway I'd fit more plants in the light area I have for them.
    I'm working on an estimate of 50 watts per sq ft.

    Another thought hit me..
    When I transplant from one pot to another I always notice the roots are hugging the walls of the pot, meaning the roots are ganged up on the pot walls. So wouldn't it be somewhat logical to think plant roots grow outwards away from the stalk of the plant, and if that being so they would like larger yet not deep pots. Like maybe a 12" pot thats only 6" deep or even a 18" pot 6" deep....or...
    Now this would lessen the plant space due to the ground cover. but it might increase a yield providing more nutrients to the plant.

    All this means I have to redraw the plans for my greenhouse LOL.

  6. I know where your coming from with the part about the's just that if you're gonna trigger at say approx 12-18" then a 3 galllon pot is sufficiant enough without taking up too much space in the growroom....i've got a feeling if you put one in a pot 12" wide they would still be at the sides of the pot.....i grew one at over 7' with a 5 gallon pot......approx 10" wide at the top......better going with the 3 gallon pots and getting more of them in the growspace you've got......also as for height....remember that at full flowering the plant has to be clear of the overhead light....i.e. 400w will need to be approx 14-16" (depending on your fan) from the face of the light.....hence if you're grow space is say 4' tall like mr x's then my light takes up nearly 1'....which reduces it to 3'.....and then needing an extra approx 14" for the heat of the light....takes it to under 2'....then flowering would need to be done at approx 12"or slightly under.....and even then it may be required to tie her down......Peace out...Sid

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