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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ohchit, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Why do some people like vaping and edibles so much? Honestly ive 100% of the time had a better high smoking then anything else.
  2. to each his own. Vaping > smoking > edibles
    I stopped smoking because of chest pains and shit, but I like vaping more than edibles because I hate waiting for it to kick in :p

  3. If you still smoke, you haven't really experienced vaping in as optimal a way as you can.
    To vape properly and get a full awareness of how it actually effects you, you need to drop smoking all together for at least 3 weeks and vape like you'd normally smoke.

    I say this as a person who's
    Smoked, then vaped and smoked, and then just vaped.
    Honestly, the full experience isn't had until the last stage there, it's a matter of more patience and willpower than most weed users tend to exhibit...I honestly believe that if you got the kind of effect I do from vaping now, as soon as you'd ever tried it, you'd be right on board.

    On the edibles, I think the kick-in time is worth the wait considering the end result...again, a lot of what people who use weed want is the quickest way to effect.
  4. Yeah i dont know i wouldnt want to quit to just strictly vape i like variety
  5. I only smoke bongs, I feel the same OP. My bong gets me way higher than any vape my friends have and I just plain out don't like the taste of edibles, even though they work.
  6. I only vape now. Will still keep some of my glass for vape-bonging though.

    Conserves TONS of weed, much healthier, no smell/ash, tastes better, "cleaner" feeling high, can save AVB for tinctures, edibles, etc.

    Smoking is more "fun" I'd say (just the process in general) but not enough to make me switch back from vaping.
  7. It does smell, my friends almost got caught last year doing it on the bus lolol
  8. hes right, vaping stankz. just not like burning weed :D
    My house smells like weed because I started vaping indoors regularly lol
    ..or maybe cause my weed is always out..:smoking:

  9. Yeah it can smell a bit, just not as is nothing compared to walking into a house with someone who hits bongs daily.

    I feel like the smoke sticks to things and vapor doesnt. If I were to take a pillow out of my vaping room and bring it into another room and smell it, there is no smell whatsoever. But back when I used to smoke I'd have to wash the pillow cases frequently because they constantly stank like weed.
  10. Weed should never make anything smell longer than like 4 hours lol. I blaze in my house all day with my roommates and anyone who comes over. Never stinks after like 2-3 hours of smoking
  11. I blaze in my car (granted, with my window cracked about 2") and have since early october almost daily and not a single soul knows I smoke, my rents are regularly in/around my car and have no idea, I've never had the smell linger beyond a couple hours.

    Scraping resin on the other hand has smelled up a 15 foot radius in my living room for almost half a day.
  12. Vape is more of a short-lived head high imo
  13. vaping is like a tease, like trying to fuck a prude girl
  14. Vaping is good and all as it gets more THC from the bud, but I personally prefer smoking out of a solid glass on glass bong. I enjoy the act of smoking and vaping just doesn't do it for me due to the lack of smoke.
  15. Conveniency, efficiency, lung damage awareness, anything
  16. If vaping got me as stoned as rippin the bong, id do it. Unfortunately, only the volcano has so far gotten me close to that point.
  17. #17 8ight, Dec 25, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 25, 2012
    complete opposite for me. when smoking, i never get as stoned. i vape ~95% of the time.

    i think vaping is far better than smoking, but i a) have a good vape and b) very rarely smoke. low quality vapes don't work nearly as well, and many people claim that you won't get as high from vaping if you're smoking as well--best to vape exclusively.

    as for edibles, i've only had my homemade vaped bud edibles, and didn't enjoy any of them. that could be attributed to bad cooking, or just because of using bud that had already been vaporized. i haven't had a well-made edible from fresh, quality bud yet.
  18. Imma daily smoker recently bought a DBV and that & some Cali trees gets me pretty fuckkng stoned :p
    Also made kick ass potent brownies from about 5g ABV
  19. idk i just like the feeling of bringing it into my lungs and letting it out and then seeing the smoke go away with all my problems
  20. I have an arizer extreme q and when using the bag there is still a lot of smell, my mom across the house smelled it in my room and came in and said it smelled like there was a skunk around, but she's chill and as seeing as its not smoke she doesn't care about it used inside, it still gets me just as blown as the bong does and feels 10000% better on the lungs

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