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  1. If it isn't here, and it wasn't back there, and we're not sure if it's waaaaaay over there, why are we looking? We don't even know what we're looking for. Or do we? Are we actually looking for an answer, or a reason to do what we want to do? A reason to change the world.

  2. I'm not sure to understand everything but I would guess it's part of the human nature to seek for better life conditions and everything.
  3. You must me high as fuck.
  4. We're just looking for ourselves.

    It's the act of looking that matters, not having an idea of what we need to find.
  5. The man or the moment
    The act or the reason...
    Which is eternal....
  6. Our search is to find out why we are here. Why? What purpose do we serve? Is there one?

    Is life pointless? Or have we already found the point to life, which is life.
  7. Humans are just curious. We can't know everything, but we sure want to, so that we can have technology to make the world as lazy and sedated as possible. Machine world, everything does everything for us, and we spend 40 hours or less out of 168 a week doing work, usually less than that, whereas some of our ancestors probably worked from dawn to dusk every day just to have enough food to survive haha. Soon we will have enough technology to work 10 hours a week and have that be full-time, in the coming century.

  8. What else is there?
  9. sometimes i wonder what we would do with the answer. Maybe we don't want to know in the first place.
  10. Each finds the answer when he/she is ready for it. Those who think they need to know now, will often find something, but it is only something that fits into what they already believe, so will have to be let go of at some point.

    We cannot understand what we are not the vibration of.
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    Sorry but even if we have better technologies we wont work less, economy needs fuel and you are that fuel, thats the joys of capitalism, sadly :(
  12. Yes, the world will always need people to do certain jobs, without which everything stops. Plumbers, electricians, cleaners, etc. Only the wealthy will work less, while paying you minimum as they do so.

  13. your question has a weak point. "we're not sure if its way over there." how would we ever know if anything waaay over there has anything if we don't even begin to look for it waaaay over there. We don't even know what we're looking for but anything along the way should be accounted for. or maybe everything that we need to know has been inside of us all this time. :eek:
  14. ever heard its the destination, its the journey. hell, what we are all looking for/wanting is pure desire. i believe the state of mind of wanting is stronger than the state of mind of having.

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