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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongtoker420o, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. my friend doesnt want me smoking cuz its "against the law" so im guessing its gona be like argueing to a brick if i try and convince him that smoking weed isnt bad, any advice?
  2. Well if he puts your friendship in front of you JUST because you smoke weed, then fuck him. But if he is willing to talk about it (ask if he is), lay out your reasons you smoke and maybe he will become more accepting/tolerant of your habit.
    Good luck :wave:
  3. If he's your real friend he'll accept you for who you are and what you do. He's probably just uneducated about the herb and thinks it's some "bad drug" that will ruin you. Try your best to explain how it really is and hopefully he'll accept it.
  4. Who gives a fuck, not his business
  5. Tell him that if you want to change the law, you may have to break the law. I always compare myself to George Washington and other revolutionists.
  6. Alcohol was in prohibition but now isn't, did it magically become safe? Laws don't effect substances.

    Also, it used to be illegal for women to vote or for blacks and whites to go to school together. Does he think that wasn't wrong because it was the law?
  7. The law isnt whats right and whats wrong. Just because somethings legal doesnt make it right or safe.
  8. He's not your fucken mom
  9. Tell him your point of view. If he doesn't respect it, tell him to fucking think for himself and stop being such a little bitch about it.
  10. What this guy said.
  11. Decisions should be made with ethics in mind, not the law.

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