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Question, wisdom teeth and weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by katyrow, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out over spring break and a friend told me instead of taking Oxycontin I should put stuff gauze over my sockets and smoke myself silly. Bad idea or a great one?
  2. get the oxys and smoke yourself silly. also when you go to get them pulled smoke a bowl or two and then make sure to get the laughing gas, its a crazy high but super chill. i did that when i had to get some root canals done, they even turned the nitrous as high as they could cause i said i couldnt feel it, but i sure felt it after a bit.
  3. I'm getting mine pulled this saturday....

    NOT excited but I should get vikes or oxy for it :)
  4. no man you def. Shouldn't smoke when u get them out..Havnt u ever heard of a dry socket?? I almost got one and theyre NO fun. They can lead to some very serious oral problems
  5. Do not create suction against your healing wounds. If your teeth were not erupted and had to be surgically removed, you should be even more careful. The sucking motion of smoking can rip up your scabbing wounds and expose your wounds in an unpleasant manner. Dry socket is not fun but easily avoidable. Wait at least until your bleeding is done. You should be able to tell if you're using too much suction against your wounds while smoking. If you can't hit it without being afraid of sucking out your wound, hit it like you're sucking on the last bit of a joint and this should prevent from any suction being formed.

    Always keep your healing wounds clean and sanitary. Frequently wash your mouth with the antibiotic rinse they give you; do this after every single smoking session as well.
  6. If you're really desperate, I read about a dude here who learned how to smoke through his nose.
  7. dude just make an edible. seriously, its not worth the risk. i got the off too and the pain is horrible, but you just gotta be patient or find other ways to get high.
  8. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out over spring break too and was wondering the same thing.

    Except for my case, it costs extra to be put to sleep, so I was considering getting high before the surgery. Probably a bad idea though.
  9. A) You want to be knocked out before the procedere, if they are talking about how they don't have to do that, get a new oral surgen.

    I was recommended by the doctor to not smoke for at least 3-4 days after the surgery.

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