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    Im purchasing a bong and wondering if it would be a better setup if I got an concentrate add on along the lines of this.
    This is the bong:

    Add on:

    Or if one of these would be better

    Im buying the bong regardless just wondering if the water filtration on the bong would would overkill and waste oils, which would you go with?

  2. Its really a matter of opinion, so ill give you mine. That tube is a little big for oils, but it will still work fine. But if this piece is going to be stictly for concentrates, then i would suggest something smaller. That tube seems better for flower, and if you only smoke oil you might grow tired of it. If you want a dedicated oil rig, and will be smoking decent errl, i would get something a lot smaller like that bubbler you linked.
  3. I will mainly be smoking flowers and occasionally oils, maybe once or twice a week at most
  4. for starters, the oil adapter and dome you linked to will not fit that weed star tube.  you need an 18.8 male to 18.8 male adapter, the 14mm joint on the bottom end isnt going to fit the 18mm joint on that tube.  
    id say the second one is a better piece for concentrates, you want a low diffusion piece for oil.  having multiple chambers and perks is crap for concentrates, even if you took the top perc out of that larger tube its still too much diffusion IMO. 
    i dont think you really grasp the concept of concentrates.  having 1 tube for both is a bad idea in general, because a piece thats good for flowers will be terrible for concentrates, and a piece thats good for concentrates will be terrible for flowers, and anything in between is usually horrible for both.  
    for concentrates you want a small piece with very little diffusion, with warm water. high diffusion pieces take the majority of the flavor out of concentrates, as well as cool the vapor too much and leave a good portion of your dab re-solidified inside the piece, room temp or colder water obviously will do the same thing only cooling and re-solidifying the dab much more because of the temp.
    for flowers you want a high diffusion piece with cold water and maybe ice in a pinch, to smooth and cool the smoke.   smoking flowers out of an oil rig gives you a harsh hit because theres very little cooling and diffusion.
    personally id suggest you buy the smaller concentrate rig, and find something else to smoke flowers out of.  iv had plenty of friends  get a big tube to dab concentrates or to try and do both with, and every one of them has gone and bought at least 1 small concentrate rig.  i broke the joint on my small oil rig and have been stuck using my full sized DG fritted tube to dab for the last month, and again its just too big, if i had the money to spare id be at a LHS today to replace my small one. 
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    I realize that what I posted would not fit, just using it as an example. I ended up just getting the bong and attachment kinda low on funds at the moment and smoking oils will be an occasionally thing for me anyways. It will work for now i guess, thanks for the advice blades.
  6. That whole, "one tube is good for flowers and one tube is good for concentrates, and you can't have one that will be good for both" is a whole bunch of bullshit. I have a 2.0 SGW waffle and it is excellent for both. Toro makes some nice tubes that work well for both as well. OP is not failing to grasp the ideas of concentrates, System 7 is just an average consumer, buying far more, wasting money, and using resources on things that are not required and superfluous.
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    yeah, wake up sheeple. Having a dedicated rig is over-indulging, who doesn't like a lil resin to mask the flavor of their errls.

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