Question, whats the best slide?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by cheiftoke, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Hats the best bowl, worked or non worked
  2. I hear its the Ben Wilson disc diffused bowls.. I'm perfectly happy with iced pinched bowls myself
  3. What's the best most coolest bowl
  4. That's the one I think I'm going to get from
    Aqua, and the vertigo ash catcher
  5. [quote name='"cheiftoke"']What's the best most coolest bowl[/quote]

    Do you really think there's an objective answer to that? It's all personal preference.
  6. that's all in the eye of the beholder.. but some people prefer to be told whats cool.. than what they believe is cool... the latter is more satisfying imho
  7. imho....Jop chicken bowls.
  8. ^
    That's next on my pickup list
  9. [quote name='"cheiftoke"']Hats the best bowl, worked or non worked[/quote]

    Where can I order a custom worked "Hats" bowl? If it's the best I'm interested, post pictures of his/her/their work.
  10. ditto :hello:
  11. i really want one of those CREEP zombie gas mask slides or a D Wreck blasted slide personally
  12. wtf those chicken bowls are awesome.
  13. Go look at the slides Drew makes in the DWB thread.

    Or if you ever see Shitloaf creepin around

    ask him to you show you his slide from DWB

    DWB slides put disc screens, ice pinch, and honeycomb slides to shame.

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