Question: What dimension of a tent is ideal?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I recently completed my first ever run using a 5' by 5' by 2m long tent. It was pretty big and took up almost my entire room space. It went pretty well. I was wondering what dimensions I should shoot for in my next run, because it seems like I will need to buy a new tent.

    One of the upper attachments I had for the prior tent actually cracked in half. I'm seemingly left with no other option but to purchase a new growing tent. Suggestions?
  2. Depends really on how many plants you want to grow. What is the total size of the room you have at your disposal?
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  3. and also consider the max size your new tent will be because you may have to also buy new lights
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  4. It all depends on how much herb you want.
    A person who only wants to supply needs of friends and family can probably get by with a 2 x 4 x 7-8 ft tent.
    I consider that to be the perfect size because the back of the tent is easily reached, and there's no need to walk into the tent.
    Of course the floor area is only 8 sq ft compared to the 25 sq ft you have now, but other factors can allow a 2 x 4 to yield about half of what a 5 x 5 does. Heaters and humidifiers can be put outside the tent, and there's no need to leave room between plants, because all the tending is done thru the open tent door.

    I also have a 3 x 3, but don't like it nearly as well, because the back of the tent is totally unreachable when plants get big.

    The most popular tent size is probably 4 x 4, but I'd greatly prefer two 2 x 4.
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  5. I recently started my first ever indoor tent grow in a 2x4x6ft tall and i pretty quickly wished i would have went with something taller.
    I think if i did it over, id go with a 4x4x8. I'm finding that a 2x4 starts to fill up very quickly, even with just 3 plants.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. Room size would be the new apartment/dorm/house I move into. Still figuring things out. Will be set in around a month or so with concrete plans.

    I grew 5 plants in my prior tent. It was fucking huge though. That tent actually hit my small rooms' fan with it's two meters' length. Ideally, I guess I'd want to do around 3-4 for my next run. I understand how weed grows now, though. Especially feminized. I simply had no idea prior. I had a pretty long veg period for my first run. I also topped and LST'd to the best of my abilities. All documented in my journal.
  7. So that would be over two meters in height for the *4x4x8* . I don't know if I have that much room to play with lol.. Hard to decide which one to shoot for before I check out my new place. As far as my old tent dimensions go, do you think those are ideal? If we're debating over a foot in l/w, do you think I should purchase a similar tent to my old one?
  8. Greenleaf Megacrop dude right? Nice to see you still here bro. I see what you're saying about the dimensions. I wonder if I should try to find a 5 x 5 that has a shorter height than my previous tent (2m). What would you think about those dimensions? At the time, I struggled to even fit this huge tent inside my small apartment room. It was extremely, and I mean extremely heavy fabric. I think it was made to put on with two people, but somehow I did it all myself. It hit the fan of the room on the way up. I'm trying to avoid these kinds of issues. Do you think my prior tent dimension in height(2m) is ideal? I yielded 1.3lb for my first run. Just trying to make it so I get at least a lb out of each run I do.
  9. Really nice comment there. I didn't even consider that would be another issue I would face if I were to buy a different dimension tent. I used a t5 fluorescent for early veg and then switched to my 1000w MH/HPS to finish off.
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  10. i veg only with cfl then flower under HID bro :)
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  11. For 3-4 plants I wouldn't go any less than a 4x4. Alternatively you could do 2 2x4 tents side by side depending on space.
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  12. Bro my 1000w made the inside so damn hot at some points of the run. I was pretty much following a concrete plan I had with some parts a friend told me to buy to pull the run off. Ballast broke at some point during flowering and left me so confused. Couldn't understand what the problem was until my friend told me it had to be the ballast. Thought it was the light itself due to complete inexperience. Breaker was flipping like mad every time I tried to plug the light in the outlet.

    I got on Amazon and prime'd a new one over to my place stat to avoid any further loss of growth. Also had to use my t5 for any sort of light at the time. Took 3 days to arrive and the yield loss was extremely minor. Especially around flowering, it started to transition to being hot/humid outside. Suffered some yellow spotting at the time, but it came with the fading so this was kind of a nonissue. However, I don't know enough about all these other light spectrum to comment on which are better.
  13. Thanks for the insight. I think I had great room in my prior tent. The issue of concern was the height of it. It was so openly obvious in my room that you couldn't miss it when you walked inside.It hit the fan of the room itself at the top.

    That's a really good innovation you explained. What would be the heights for these 2x4's?
  14. t5s are brilliant for seedlings bro what watts is your t5s total i just use a 250 watts cool white 6400k for 3 plants and a 250w warm white for 4 plants no messing with ballast plugs into any wall never worry about heat and they are kept 3 inches from top of plants through the whole veg oh and the electric is also lower and cannabis plants love the spectrum of cfls they really do :)
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  15. The t5 goes up to 460w at full power. There's a switch for half power mode. Had I known how good it was for germinating purposes, I would have used it right away. Made the mistake of following instructions to germ under zero light inside my closet. Only 2/5 of my initial seeds survived, and weak at that. Super long stems and I had to crack the shell of the seed at one point because it was too weak to come out itself. Luckily, I had more seeds at my disposal. At that point, I was asking questions as to why this even happened. I was told to transfer them to under the light when they showed green. Following the next dudes' advise to germ under the t5, I had zero issues and actually had a 100% success rate germing. Everything went awesome and I got the 5 total plants I was looking for.

    I see you're talking about veg here. I used a 1000w MH for veg. Switched to another bulb(HPS) for flowering. Needed to cover that space of 5 by 5 by 2m for my five plants at the time. It is a reflector light which I suppose is nice.

    I think I overpaid for that total light kit on Prime, but I simply did as I was told at the time because I wanted to pull the run off as a total noob going into this for the first time.
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  16. nice thats strong for a t5 bro lol i honestly thought you was going to say something like 48w x2 :)
    my first 3 autos was same i had to pull all 3 husks off because they looked weak but there far from that now :)
    yes im talking veg for cfls :)
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  17. Yeah, that t5 floursecent was a great investment. Was around 150 bucks, but a damn solid starter light. Only when I transferred the plants to 3 gallon pots did I need to switch to the 1000w to cover more space.

    How does CFL compared to MH? I wonder. What spectrum do you flower with?
  18. You can probably fix or replace the support that broke. I did. Went to the local hardware store and bought a wooden dowel rod to replace it with. Cost less than $1
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  19. That's what I was thinking bro! I was trying to find out if it's possible to clone. If I bring one of the original pieces, could I pay for them to clone it?
  20. All I did was buy a slightly larger dowel than the diameter of the connecting piece then sanded the end to fit inside the connecting pieces

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