question to those with add or adhd and take meds

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  1. I take vyvanse basically everyday because I go to school and then usually after that I go straight to work.

    And sometimes it irritates me cause I know if I wasn't taking some sort of an amphetamine I wouldnt be able to complete my school work and I'd pry quit my job because it's pretty labor intensive and I need to be able to organise and work quickly.

    At least I got duh bud to calm me down after those long days
  2. And I was wondering if others felt the same annoyance of feeling reliant on a chemical
  3. Yes. I'll take my meds for a day or so then be like, "man, fuck this shit"

    On days when I do my cardio I have better focus than on days I don't do my cardio, so having my own way to control my adhd is a big part of my motivation to get fit.

    I've always tried to rebel against being dependent on anything I can't get or make myself and have a love/hate relationship with technology.
  4. I feel it. I'm just so content to do absolutely nothing and hope everything goes alright, which isn't how life works, but it's how a I act when not on amphetamines.

    My motivation is just kinda fucked.
  5. I feel yah man. I tried adderall for a little while. I just can't stick to any prescription meds. Makes my heart beat crazy fast too though..
  6. Yup. Been on addy since I was 10. Without them I'm useless. I went without them for 6 months to try to get my ADHD under control by other methods and nothing worked.

    I hate taking them but they make me feel normal and I guess that's all that matters

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