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question to the shroom hunters

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by atticsmoker122, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. whats up fellas??? well i\'ve been lookin around on the fourms and it looks to me like shroom would be my kinda thing....

    BUT BUT BUT... i dont want to pay for them unless i have to. the gist is i live on a big ass farm with cow shit everywhere so there has to be shrooms somewhere

    how do i find the right ones? fresh cow crap? really old? under it? growin on top of it?

    and should it be blue under the cap or what??? also what time of year do they grow best would i be able to pick now(it in the mid 80\'s still)?

    so i need yalls help

  2. Yeah a general rule is if it\'s bruised blue under the cap, they are shrooms, but I do not want to misguide you, as I\'m not sure. for more info, they have a shroom hunting forum, check it out
  3. thanks bro ill give it a look
  4. look into MYCOLOGY forums. THAT\'S where the real experts are. i tried to quote what i remembered from a high times article about using spore print colors to decide if a strain is poisonous and to avoid shrooms growing on logs WITH DISCLAIMERS that i was going from memories over 5 years old and took alot of flak for it even though i pointed out i couldn\'t remember exactly and to definately double check the info.

    i vaguely remember the areticle saying red and brown spore prints are bad and blue is good and POSSIBLY that poisinous strains don\'t grow in manure.

    DOUBLE CHECK THAT INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my fanaticus guide doesn\'t give info on spore printing etc. but mentions that shrooms are \"copraphiles\" or something that sounds like that meaning that they like to grow right next to manure piles, but not directly on them.

    shroom season is just around the corner and now\'s the right time to be planning for shroom hunting.

    look into a forum that specializes in shrooms as i\'ve seen at least one. THOSE are the people to be asking. shrooms are a bit off the radar here.

    i bought a couple syringes of hawaiian & fanaticus while fanaticus was still around a few years ago, but when i checked them a couple weeks ago, the water inside wasn\'t baby blue anymore and had been contaminated with a bunch of air as it evaporated. now the liquid is clear with tiny black clumps that might still be viable spores. i need to look into that.

    shrooming is alot of fun. i heard all kinds of horror stories about shrooms tasting nasty and making you puke, but the handful of fresh ones i munched at a concert tasted just like regular supermarket ones and had no bad side effects.

    i was surprised that the trip wasn\'t visual or auditory like potent thai bud was, but the high was just a nice kind of \"in tune with the universe bliss\". i walked home from the concert in the rain and couldn\'t have been happier. it was SOOOO much better than all of the coiuchlocking indicrap i\'d been smoking for years, but a potent sativa is even better.

    the \"trip\" if you can call it that might have been stronger with a bigger dose, but it was still fun.
  5. I do know I\'ve seen mushrooms growing out of dung that were\'nt psilocybe on many occasions.
  6. ya becareful with cow shit
  7. OK... i stand corrected.

    hunting for shrooms is the kind of thing you only get wrong once. thanks for the better data.:)
  8. Apparantly alot of shrooms grow in graveyards... my brother that lives in newfoundland goes shroom hunting all the time... him and his buddies have gotten garbage bags full and haven\'t died yet, you just have to know what you\'re doing. so read as much as you can before you do anything.
  9. There are strategies to determining whether it is a psilocybin-containing mushroom if you aren\'t used to identifying them from pictures (not as fullproof). They can be found through google in a mere few seconds. Psilocybe cubensis is the easiest for me to identify and they\'re pretty common around here. Just look for a nipple, blue blouse, and see if they damage a blue (possibly blue-green or greenish) color.
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