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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Forbidden Fruit, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. If i buy a vaporizer...and bring it back to america.....(if it has no resin in it) would customs let me bring it home?
  2. im not a mod...As long as it has no resin you will not have a problem....just make sure you don't have any drugs on you cause you will probaly be searched more intensenly...
  3. I think that is true..but im not sure.
  4. Hell if I know, this is the grow forum not the smuggling forum.
  5. It is merely a vaporizer,,it does not become contraband to customs,, until there is cannabis residue present..

  6. NdicaBud would it not be considered to be Paraphinelia< how ever you spell it?

    I haven't travelled through customs so I am not sure!

  7. I have been through customs(not lately but) is not considered paraphinalia/contraband until used in conjunction with an illegal or controlled substance,,residue present is what is needed to change it's status to paraphinalia/contraband...

    ie, you can buy/possess a pipe/bong is only illegal/paraphinalia....if it contains cannabis resin.

  8. Thanks NdicaBud, I have been lucky enough not needing to know before. I appreciate the info.
  9. Vaporizers are medical instruments and are no problem
  10. Thanks guys :) that clears that question up

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