Question to Statists: How is Taxation Not Theft?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mr.Deez, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. why should i defend myself from a retard?

    i feel bad for you because of your low intelligence and the fact that you will most likely never achieve anything in your life.

    that's what makes me different from ron paul supporters, i care about people that are less fortunate.
  2. Well this retard is owning your ass.

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    ... Seems like you really care about those less fortunate.

    ... Oh yea, i got a 27 on my ACT, taking it again to further improve. Got accepted to college of science at LSU, going to pre-med by the way. Got TOPS to help pay for tuition, in the process of applying for more grants and scholarships.

    Yea Im doomed

  3. well my dad is bill gates and my mom is mark zuckerberg and im worth over 100 billion dollars.

    i can tell lies too.
  4. Let's hope your lying. Mark is a male.

  5. most retarded people ive met dont understand sarcasm

    they like to point out obvious things.

    "derrrr the sky is blue herp derp"
  6. If no one payed taxes there would be no roads....look luck getting to work

  7. many libertarians believe they can build flying cars with the money they save from not paying social security tax lol.

    and when they get old and need social security, ron paul will breast feed them with his own teets.
  8. already been adressed in the second page.

  9. So you're saying if the government can't build roads nobody else can either?

  10. What would the incentive be for someone to privately build roads. Besides having people pay.
  11. I feel like this picture/quote sums up how I feel about this thread [​IMG]
  12. Nice picture quote. Don't agree with the first part though. In our country, we do have the opprotunity to build wealth from nothing, that's what made America. It's ashamed that this great idea is going to hell because greedy bitches in congress.
  13. As Americans, we're all supposed to look out for each other. We also like a free market. Sometimes, when markets are too free, some people don't look out for one another, instead, they exploit others, either by being smarter, or working harder or whatever. Eventually, this leads to lots of people having really shitty lives, while a few people get to have really amazing lives. Since we're supposed to be looking out for one another, we use the tax code to ensure that there is adequate funding so that the shittiest life of any American is still a good life, (that way we can say truthfully that it's good to be an American). We tax the shit out of those bastards who profitted so much off everyone else so that everyone else can continue to eat and go to the doctor and have a place to live with their families.

    So in that sense, if you really think about it, we're just kind of stealing it back. I mean, it was stolen from us before, either by some smart person who tricked us so he could profit, or by some person who profitted off an inheritance or someone who had more energy or was healther than most and managed to work themselves into riches.

    I mean, how is it not theft to "charge whatever you can make people pay in a free market because the market dictates that people will pay more"? I believe that kind of thinking is the basis of the kind of thinking that's done by people who intend to profit off others, or as you might call it, steal from them.

  14. [​IMG]

    Emotional appeals are cute, but her assumption is that these things aren't already being paid for.

    Reality check:

    Share of Taxes Paid Under Current Law, by Cash Income Percentile, 2010

    Top 20% earners already pay nearly 70% (68.6) of federal taxes.

    Reality check:

    Half of Americans pay no federal income tax - Business - Personal finance - Tax Tactics -

    If an action done by an individual is immoral, it is still immoral when the government does it.

    The income tax started out as a small tax, 1% for those earning 20,000 a year and under. 7% for those earning 500,000 plus.

    Just like any agency of government or tax, it's a cancer. Left untreated, it will only continue to grow at your expense.

    Why are other people entitled to a portion of your income? If other individuals have to seize a percentage of your income before it reaches you, then it truly isn't yours.

    This leaves us with an attitude that government takes whatever percentage of your income they like, so shut up because you are lucky to get back what you do.

  15. ^ DAMN! end of story.

  16. Except complex mathematical facade and moral arguments aside, it doesn't address the issue of some people being exploited such that they live in poverty while others profit off them and get to have everything imaginable in life.
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    "underlying social contract?"

    please explain..

    also.. te factory owner, and his/her business as well as the employees all pay taxes.. therefore they have every right to use those roads, schools, police etc..

    Is this woman under the impression that factories, their owners and employees don't pay taxes? :confused:
  18. Listen, those roads your trucks drive on (that you paid for) and the workers (whose hs education you paid for) who unload your goods, that are protected by the police (that you pay for) so you can profit, is only possible because of the government (which you pay for) :p
  19. lol..

    what about the taxes and registration fees they paid on the trucks they purchased?

    doesn't that give them rights to drive on the roads?

    is that woman crazy?
  20. Yes, she is crazy.

    The argument is absurd - "because you used all these public functions directly, or indirectly that you already paid for, you should obviously pay more" :rolleyes:

    Taxes on alcohol pay for the roads, do they not? Statist's love coming up with ideas to make the State bigger, even if they're retarded.

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