Question to Statists: How is Taxation Not Theft?

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  1. lmao. I love the internet. It totally revolutionizes education, but people don't seem to really grasp that. You can already learn basically anything online, and if we actually ACKNOWLEDGED that it's the best learning tool in the history of the world, we could set things up to make it much more practically useful. But they don't want us to become educated for free...they want us to be in debt thousands and thousands of dollars to get a lower quality education than we could have gotten for free on the internet...god our society is stupid
  2. dude..

    if there was internet when i was a kid i would not have gone to high school.


  3. You know, I get so frustrated thinking about things...because with pretty much everything, including education, the current system is clearly bad and illogical, and we could clearly do WAY better...but the only reason it is the way that it because that's the way it is...that's the only justification, and I get so annoyed at the only justification for things being the way they are is that that's the way they are...we need to start actually being smart, it's so annoying that pretty much everything in the world is set up in such a stupid way, and hardly anyone seems to care, and even less seem interested in actually doing something about it.

  4. I had the internet in high school and I learned soooo much more than I ever did online than I did in class.

    I forget everything I did in chemistry, biology, math from freshman, sophmore, and junior year, etc, etc...

    All the stuff I learned on the web though I remember, probably because I was learning about things that interest me. The things I learned about spirituality and philosophy helped me tremendously in life...I used those things daily. I have yet to actually use something I've learned in school in the real world. Maybe things like how to write an essay, but in the field of work I'm trying to go into, that really doesn't help for only helps during school while I'm trying to get a degree (which is probably going to be worthless anyway).

    I wish there was some way to put on a resume how much education we got from the internet lmao that would excellent!
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    you dont use that knowledge because you probably work a blue collar job like roofing or laying bricks.

    you hate education and people that got higher degrees because you constantly try to justify your mediocre life

    Disrespect is not allowed here. - KSR

  6. So then for him, education was pointless and he was better off not going to school at all if he didn't need it. Had he internet, something may have interested him and he may have pursued it.

    he never said that. Wants wrong with mediocre.

    no offense budsmoke... but i fucking hate trolls

  7. if theres nothing wrong with mediocrity,

    then why are you so offended?

  8. I fucking hate trolls.

  9. then maybe you should end your own life.

    im not suggesting you should do it, because thats against the rules.

    but since you hate yourself, you can always commit suicide. im just saying.
  10. I'll just quote this again...

    ... This is trolling.

  11. how is it trolling if its true
  12. At this point with the insults and trolling, it's clear that mbfm has lost the debate and he knows it, otherwise he'd be posting actual arguments, rather than acting like a child.

  13. You "assumed" he is a brick layer. Most likely, he is not... Trolling

  14. i posted actual arguments

    but since all i get is trolling

    that's the only way i can respond

    it sucks that voice recognition software can let you post on the internet but can't teach you how to read.

  15. Thank you.

    Taxing is not theft. It's necessary for there to be a government. Without government or some form of organization, it's every man for himself.

  16. no i assumed he worked at a BLUE COLLAR JOB SIMILAR to brick laying or roofing.

    maybe you should take some reading classes too.
  17. I will just quote this again...

    This is trolling started by you... Not an argument... And your only response to your trolling was more trolling.

    it really does "suck that voice recognition software can let you post on the internet but can't teach you how to read"

  18. thats because you didnt read the 5 pages of posts before the last page...

    are you retarded??

    that wasnt trolling, that was a serious question. because if you're actually retarded i will feel bad about laughing at your stupidity.

  19. Do you want me to quote your response to this message again. You also did not ask a question in your response... You targeted him... With trolling.

    I think I know what is wrong, you don't k ow what trolling is... This might help:

    Troll (Internet) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
  20. :D

    It's seems like your having a hard time defending yourself from a retard.

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