Question to Statists: How is Taxation Not Theft?

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  1. Good thing our education is so great now and they don't try to maximize profit, hence the affordable education.
  2. no.... they would compete for a reputation of a good edu at a low price.

    why do you say that

    so what your saying with this is that our current system has the same problems your complaining about in the free market system?
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    This happens a lot in arguments against Libertarian society. For a lot of issues, worst case is still about the same as what we have now.

    This is whats happening now.

    Any school that simply took anyone who could afford to go, without worrying about the quality of graduates they put out would lose their reputation for being worth the money. You would not pay 100,000 dollars for a degree from a school if you were not so certain your schools rep wouldn't land you a job.

    Furthermore, Princeton being "better" than ITT tech is relative. Your saying its better based on one aspect. That aspect is the reputation the school has garnered through its policy and business practices.

    Princeton is a school that focuses on specializing. The students go there because they want the chance to be the best in their field. This is a good service but comes with a price.

    ITT tech caters to a different portion of the market. Their business model focuses on providing an education which prepares you for technical work in the field. Not every body in world wants to innovate medical science in their lifetimes, or become the most renown physics professor since Einstein. Some people want an affordable education, that is practical to their field of work, and helps them to do a not so highly specialized job. In this sense, id say ITT tech is a "better" school.

    People are different. Some people want to innovate, and some people want t spend their lives building a family and live life slightly more comfortable than they grew up. Some people don't get enough reward out of making money, to justify going to school for 8 years and spending over a hundred grand to do it. A free market in education would allow more institutions to cater to this portion of the market, and enhance the quality, and affordability of such institutions.

  4. And your under the impression that the welfare actually generated this wealth?

  5. Not to sound rude or offensive, but who told her it was a good idea to have 4 kids while not having a secure plan in place where she would know she would be able to support that size of family?

    Also, the government is the only one who can help the poor? What about private charities?
  6. There are 100,000 homeless kids now. That's with federal and state social programs available.

    Why haven't charities solved this issue?

    If they can't solve it now, how could they solve it when lack of programs result in more people in need?
  7. [​IMG]
    In all seriousness though, there was a form of welfare/charity known as Mutual Aid. It was a voluntarry, collective form of insureance that actually worked quite well. But then the state being the party pooper that it is, passed several regulations, making fraternal societies basically impossible to function anymore. It's actually quite a socialistic idea, I'm surprised that there aren't many leftists advocating Mutual Aid. Then again the advacate of MA were very much against Marx, maybe that's why.
    Welfare before the Welfare State - Joshua Fulton - Mises Daily
    Benefit society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. It's funny you guys use that Simpson quote all the time when it mocks censorship not protecting children from starvation and homelessness.

    Another funny thing is your Welfare before the Welfare State link. It seems they skip the period of the Great!

    Maybe because mutual aid couldn't help the great number of people who needed it. Another reason we shouldn't dump the social safety net.
  9. Yeah, because the New Deal was quite successful helping people during the great depression:rolleyes:.
  10. you're trying pick at small details so you can ignore the fact any FOR PROFIT school, like ITT tech, phoenix, etc all offer bachelor's degrees. if 2 candidates were competing for a job with the same computer science degree, they would rather hire the person that went to a real college.

    why do you think schools like princeton only accept like 12% of applicants?

    this is because they the quality of education since they get funding from local and national government and not a model that relies on tuition to fund research etc

    yes the taxes i pay ensures people with less privilege can survive and contribute.

    if you dont agree feel free to point out a rich country without a strong social safety net.
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    Taxes is in the way. No taxes means they get to choose where the money goes. Instead of putting into a gov program and let them decide who needs help or not. Most of the time, they will pick targets that benefits for their agenda. It always has and always will. Gov is a company.

    After all, money levers the morality and ethics. Taxes lowers the morality lever because it contains less fluid to fuel goodness. It also simply allow bad ethics to dominate the situation. It clogs up, leaving less flux. It simply gives them more advantage over weak ones with the aid of levering. The system churns slowly. It'll eventually sucks up all the fluid. Til the system doesn't work, it rust up and stay useless.

    Incorrect. If I own a business, I would rather hire a knowledgeable worker that had experience about working. Often, many of the students that I met are clueless about the topic that they studied on. All it matters is having a bachelor degree, which is meaningless. "Cool, you got paper, what you're going do with it?" I'll use educated worker as a slave.

  12. lmfao if you were trying to compare 2 college degrees why would you give 1 person more experience?

    maybe you're one of those people that went to ITT tech?
  13. yup..

    i turn away more college grads in favor of experienced employees all the time.
    If you don't have any work experience, then you're pretty much fucked..

    of course it all depends on the line of work..

    obviously a doctor or attorney etc.. would be different.
  14. I don't put myself into a debt like majority of people do.

  15. neither of them has experience or they both do.

    have you ever taken a science class? or know what ceteris paribus means?
  16. you keep telling yourself that.

    theres a reason why people without higher education are more unemployed.
  17. no, but with the advent of Google i don't need a science class to know what that means.
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    Ugh you stupid libertarians just don't get it, do you have any idea how much money that I'm going to make once I finish my major in Post-Modern Poetry? Only losers who are going to live on the streets in the future go to colleges to learn a specialized trade, those are never in demand.

  19. im glad we both agree you're wrong then good day.
  20. You guys aint got shit on my ba in basket weaving and my masters in art history :rolleyes:

    1 million extra dollars vs non college grads here i come, thank you college board! :laughing:

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