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Discussion in 'General' started by Resin Lung, May 13, 2011.

  1. When you partake in the sticky buds, do you get the urge to scissor/be gay? I've noticed that girls are more susceptable to bi-encounters when high, is this true? Not trolling.
  2. Are scissoring and being gay my only 2 options?
  3. when you have to announce that you're not trolling, that's because even you think you're trolling.

    so when you think next time whether or not you're going to start of a thread people might call a troll thread, then just don't do it.

    why the hell would a chick suddenly be more inclined to so homosexual activities after smoking pot...

  4. Weed makes you horney man, simple. I've known numerous girls who don't consider themselves bi, but they still make-out with other girls. It's usually in a drinking or smoking atmosphere.. Relax.
  5. I'm up for women at any time of the day.

    No homo.
  6. Yes. Weed makes you gay. Didn't you see those commercials?
  7. Because chicks are hot. :yummy:

  8. do you get the urge to take a chubby when you smoke?
  9. whatever, its just sex. quit being scared of it. you were created by it.
  10. no offense intended but wow what a stupid question
    you some homophobe or something in the first place? Besides you sound like a anti-drug commercial..crazy shit weed will make you do without any reasoning...

    *weed may induce chronic woman on woman scissoring*
    alrighty then bud
  11. Bud opens your mind to different things, allowing the potential for you to think outside the box. Your statement was rediculous, i'm far from a homophobe.

  12. Yes. :p
  13. Weed makes me horny, but it certainly doesn't change my sexual orientation. =/
  14. How many guys have you frenched?
  15. There's nothing I hate more than when I'm smoking with hot girls and they get so high they can't control themselves and start scissoring and being gay with each other. Or it could be that some girls are just attention whores and pretend to be bi just for more attention.
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    Wtf. Chix kissing is awesome. If they'll kiss a chick in front of everyone there prolly a bit slutty which means you might get some.
  17. Yeah man, I just hate in person porn. It's just....ugh
  18. I've found this to be true.
    & I'm actually more prone to watching lesbian porn while high than not. I have no idea why.

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