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  1. when it comes to animals, do you think domesticated animals have a "higher conscious" than wild animals because they have lost/dont have their wild instincts anymore??

    more meaning, maybe early homos were domesticated by something/one???

    any thoughts, cuz im fucking high n driiizunk yo:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  2. A dogs brain, is 1/3 smaller than a wolf.

    A domesticated animal has potential to be smarter, but how do you really measure intelligence, is it problem solving skills, ability to learn, or something completely different.

    Although when you domesticate something you can divert the brain power that was being used on something else. Rather than finding food, or pussy, you can write books, and discuss things such as this.

    Are we domesticated though, i think you could say we are, after all what are manners. Domestication is perpetuated by our parents, and leaders. This gives us potential to think about more complex things like i was saying before, but it seems today people only think about the next shiny their going to buy with their paycheck. We've become cows, farmed for our milk, our flesh, busy concentrating on the next patch of green grass, rather than the electric fence.
  3. no, i have 4 cats and if you watch closely they act much like a lion pride. some will try to gain dominance over each other and the like. they all have different personalities, cats also live in the moment, they dont think about the past or future so that automatically lowers the probability of any higher conscious.
  4. Why do you associate higher consciousness with memories or past/future orientation?
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    I think that wild animals are more intelligent than domesticated animals in the survival aspect(common sense), but i believe domesticated are more intelligent in w.e the wild animals dont have. I.e. tricks,etc.

    Homosapiens werent domesticated. Its luck that we are part of species that was gifted the intelligence we have.

    In response to tyroo, i agree, we were domesticated by OURSELVES but not by another species. And i dont classify that as domestication. simply luck to have the intelligence to know right from wrong, which is pretty much what manners is.
  6. if we can not think of our past how does one reflect??
  7. fellow blades,

    this has nothing to do with the original post, but have any of you researched entrainment of the brain?

    heres a quick wiki page to give ya definition
    Brainwave entrainment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    its fucking interesting if you research beyond the wiki page :smoking::smoking:

    definitely will give you guys something to think about who have never heard of it

  8. Hell yea man binaural beats are really really interesting. Sometimes i like to sit back get stoned, and just put on the relaxation beat and just sit there watching the visuals behind my eye much fun
  9. I think they're just 'civilized'.

    Civility and consciousness aren't always related.
  10. I would say that domesticated animals definitely have a very different state of consciousness than wild animals, but as far as intelligence goes, there's really no way to tell for sure. Domesticated animals might have the right mental capacity to survive in the wild, just not the necessary physical attributes to survive. Or its possible that they were just stupid. Either way, domesticated animals only exist because of us. We helped them cheat natural selection. They owe us their existence.
  11. Its obvious domesticated animals do not have a higher conscious than their wild brethren and it's fairly simple.

    You need a lot of brainpower and a lot of focused brainpower to become aware of a lot of things. Both domestic and wild animals of the same species more or less have the same abilities brain wise. The domestic one just has a wayyyy easier life therefore their minds search for other things to ponder on, MAYBE IT'S A STEP toward evolving a higher consciousness but just because your life is made simple doesn't mean you start thinking any different.

    I actually think domestic cats would be dumber in the sense that they have it so easy they don't even need to think, they don't have to struggle or earn anything.

    it would be comparable to a young guy that doesn't know shit winning the lottery and having all the money he could ever want, what would you do?? I think id just chill life away no?
  12. I believe I would argue against domesticated animals having a higher level of conciousness. it varies too widely from animal to animal.
    ie, sheep. we've pretty much bred intelligence out of that entire species, lol.
    however, perhaps other animals have gottten smarter, who knows.
    its a completely foreign concious to ours, we can't possibly comprehend it, because anything is possible.

    its blowing my mind man
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    What abomination would rather write books besides eat and find pussy?

    Pray I never have the unheavenly misfortune of meeting such a beast.:smoking:

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