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Question To all Growers!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BungaJack, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Hey i have been growing for past 3 years and have been getting descent midz. But i was wondering how i can make this bud a lil better w/ some type of chemical or even organic. Just a lil help from u old school growers and new school. thanks :smoking:
  2. There generally aren't as many growers in this section as there are in the grower's section...I'm still trying to figure this anomaly out
  3. Wrong section but... most people would say 95% of it is genetics.
  4. Buy some seeds! Doc chronic rocks!

    You get what you put in.:smoke:
  5. Mostly genetics, if you grow from mids bag seed your gonna get mids. Go find some good seeds online have them shipped, grow some dank ass buds. :smoke:
  6. nutrients?

  7. Ya thats what i was meaning....just kinda wondering what kind and what strength?
  8. Nutrients will increase the health of the plant and may increase the size of the colas, yet I don't think it will make the bud more dank, because that is the genetics part I believe.
  9. Ya I know its genetics. I have found a few seeds that came from dank bud i have bought. It turned out almost as good but it was outdoor grown. Just kinda wana try this out with 3 or the 6 i do every year. Just curious and im to the level where i can grow it good but i want to see if i can make a next to perfect plant.

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