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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by purp_kush, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. its kinda hard to get help in the grow journal forum so here goes nothing
    my plants successfully sprouted out of the soil, i put them under 24 hours of continuous light
    i am going to have 5250 lumens on each plant ( 3 philips 27w cfl (1750 each lightbulb)

    is this enough for good growth?
  2. you should probably put this in the grow journal forum...

    haha jk yea just remember you can never have too much light when it comes to clfs
  3. cool
    check out my grow if you want
    hint hint
  4. What kind of cfl's are they?

    are you using 6500k or 2700k?
  5. i made a mistake
    1620 lumens a lightbulb
  6. During vegetative growth you want to have much more 6500k in there and for flowering switch to the more 2700k than 6500k.

    It doesnt hurt to have both in the spectrum, but for maximum results with cfl, you want to use the daylight 6500k during vegetative, and 2700k for the flowering.

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