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  1. sorry for the lack of pics but i dont have a camera. For about the last 2 weeks a few of my plants in my plot of 8 have been having some troubles. They are pretty far into flowering, this is week 8. But prolly about half the buds on about 3 of my plants are turning brown and the white hairs have turned fully red and wirey(sp). The rest of the buds are getting thick and have beautiful white trichs and pistols. But these brown ones really bother me, i dont think its bud rot because there is no mold and they are not becoming soft. And it seems like it could mean time for harvest but they are way to then and do not even look close to mature. If anyone could shed some light on the subject, help would be very much appreciated.
  2. well its pretty tough to diagnose this without a picture but ill explain what it could be:
    1. nomal, nothing is wrong, just the hairs die early.
    2. nute burn. what are you feeding it and how often?
    3. you said the plant itself is turning brown? one of my plants turned brown when i over nuted with phosphorus.
    PLEASE take a picture, it will really help. otherwise most of us have no idea
  3. well im not using any nutes so im hoping its normal tomorrow when i head back to the plot ill try and snap a few pics. And the other thing the plant and leaves are normal its just the buds the are turning a light brown.
  4. isnt 8 weeks the normal time til most plants are ready to harvest? couldnt ur plants just be ready to harvest?
  5. there 100% sativa so its gonna be a bit longer, but if there ready to harvest it will be a dissapointing yeild.
  6. I feel your pain, and share your problem. from the sound of it, your plants are experiencing bud rot. Cut the dying/dead parts off and dispose of away from any other plants. If your plants are in pots, isolate the diseased plants from your still healthy ones. You can try a broad spectrum fungicide or dust with sulfur in hope of slowing the disease until you can harvest.

    I have found that those plants that are infected also have scale...I'm thinking there may be a connection.

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