Question... should I flush and harvest?

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  1. I’m thinking of flushing this white widow and harvesting it this weekend. This is week 7 flower, about half amber pistils, some more on top buds. Or should I wait one more week. I can take more pics once I get home. Thanks for any input. First hydro as well. AF0ABF09-7C53-430E-A1EE-952FDE5F8637.jpeg 7FECE408-C7CA-40AE-8949-87D8D4646624.jpeg
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  2. I'd wait to harvest, not sure about when to start flushing. You're saying half amber pistils but all I see are white ones (maybe its the lighting, not sure).

    Do you have a jewelers loupe or scope, if not see if you can grab one to check the state of the trichomes on the buds, that will tell you if she's ready. I see most people aiming for all milky trichomes with a small percentage (15-20%) of those being amber ( I think peak potency with not to much couchlock at that point)
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  3. super not ready.
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  4. also looks like youve got a bit of nute burn
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  5. People getting in a hurry, growers enemy #1.
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  6. Here are some more pics.
    Thanks for the input I was thinking a little early as well but didn’t want to wait too long. It does have nute burn from ppm level being too high about a month ago. Ph and ppm been good since then. Didn’t seem to hurt it too much.
    4CDC5AEE-9ACC-4E51-BEC6-5043ACE56FD5.jpeg 807BEBAD-65D8-4F62-BCBC-0A2744BA6421.jpeg
  7. I would wait a couple more weeks. Sorry! I know it's hard to wait when they are looking so good but, I assure you, you will be glad you did. Look at tricombs over pistals. Use a jewlers loop to see the tricombs. Shoot for 5-10% amber. I usually wait until the pistala retract into the bud and then you are close. Happy growing
  8. nope no were near harvest yet,hair still white,check your thricom instead of your pistols friend,but that plant has at least 3 more weeks
  9. Yeah not quite there yet mate. 3 weeks at least I'd say.
    What's going on with the random purple leaf In the bottom right corner though? Got a zoomed out shot?
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  10. That's my Alaskan Purple. Got a few more weeks on her too.
  11. I don't mind waiting man plenty more to hold me over till this is ready, don't you worry friend. Just want to make sure I harvest it at the right time. Always been my weak spot.
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  12. Ahh that makes sense mate. Can't say that without a pic though haha bet she looks awesome.
    Still not done any purple stuff but I will at some point :)
  13. If you are not looking at trichome color then it's really hard to tell accurately when things are done and that's probably why you have had a hard time getting it right if that is the case. Best other way is when all of the calyxs are swollen and like 2/3 of the hairs are receding.. But really should invest in a loop or better and go by trichome color of the buds
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  14. Haha good point here’s a couple recent pics of my Alaskan Purple. Day 41 of flower. 968D14B9-F125-4C00-B214-AE443E4E3814.jpeg F0B50D93-10C2-49FE-9E25-081F8DB1B374.jpeg
  15. Thanks man I will definitely look into getting one of those online.
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  16. Oooohhh keep that trim for making hash with mate. Those sugar leaves will blow your bollocks off if you extract them.
    Loads of real simple ways to do it too :)
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  17. I've never done that. My wife usually handles trimming the plants, and usually makes butter with it. But I'm open to new ideas.
  18. The best butter I've been given is at least on par with the best extract I've made. Thought you were a noob there mate.
    Obviously not though and it's generally better the devil you know.
    If not though then my recommendation for smokable extract is bubble hash.
    Made a few folk hit the whitey with my last batch haha it was awesome :)
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  19. Nice looking plant, well done!
    They haven't even started to swell yet. 3-4 more weeks.
    Please post pictures before you harvest.
  20. Thanks I appreciate it. I was planning on harvesting it around the beginning of next month. I’ll post some pics. This is the wife’s favorite plant. Wonder if that’s why it looks so good.
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