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  1. How old way Mary when she had Jesus ?

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    From what i gathered, Mary was around 14- 16 yrs of age when she had Jesus.
    How many children did mary have?
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    Who cares! How old was Santa when he decided to start breaking into houses on christmas?
    I do. And i am trying to find the hypocrisy of the Christian organization on how they knock muhammed for being married to a minor when in fact Mary was also of the sorts. If you did not care as much , why the fuck would you waste your precious time typing your useless words?
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    Jesus had 4 brothers. James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. This can be found in Matthew 13:55. Looking also in Matthew 13:56, we know that Jesus also has sisters, though we don't know how many or their names.
    and she was 14 when she had Jesus

    "When she was fourteen, the high priest wished to send her home for marriage. Mary reminded him of her vow of virginity, and in his embarrassment the high priest consulted the Lord. Then he called all the young men of the family of David, and promised Mary in marriage to him whose rod should sprout and become the resting place of the Holy Ghost in form of a dove. It was Joseph who was privileged in this extraordinary way."

    However, there are denominations that maintain that Mary remained a virgin all of her life, and that those referred to as Jesus' brothers are actually his closest friends.

    i maintain that it is fiction, but according to the bible, thats the answers
  7. he was 113 when he started that
  8. You really don't need to know what age mary had jesus to "find the hypocrisy of the christian organization" Just talk to one, they exploit themselves so easily.
  9. she was probably a teen maybe 14 years old , wouldn't be surprised if she was 12 , since it's common for young girls back in the day to marry. unless she was a skanky little whore and had many babies and then married joseph at 20.
  10. i dont mean to be rude but y is it so hard for people to have respect for other religions. i am ignostic and have many disagreements with all kinds of religions but do not feel the need to make fun or take down any other religions or even find the hypocracy in them. it is an interesting topic to discuss and debate but geeze ppl. have some respect. the poor christians on this site. if a person has found something that makes them feel comfortable with the unknown then let them have it. the need to criticize rather than debate almost says fear of the fact that u dont know what to believe. these ppl have found their answers, now its time for us to find ours.. not put them down.
    I respect their right to have a religion, but no I do not have to actually respect any religion. It's an idealogy, and many kinds of idealogy have been shown to be dangerous to the progress of mankind. These, I will not respect, as you would not respect my idealogy if I were to say that a certain race/nationality were superior and all others should be eliminated via genocide. That is not a real idealogy of mine, mind you. Everyday people come up with a way to comfort themselves about death and the unknown, and they don't need self-deception and lies to do so.

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