Question regarding upgrading my bong

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    its currently a rubber grommet not glass on glass and not diffused female, can i upgrade that stuff? like size and stuff and how much would u think?
  2. You could get a 14mm GonG downstem and slide and probably use the same grommet. Or there are some specially made downstems for this, I think on Lotus Glass?
  3. i want to get it glass on glass tho :(. ill go to the head shop and see, i want a new bowl and a diffused down stem
  4. ahh, ok thanks. By upgrading to a diffuser what does this do and is it worth it?
  5. It gives a more steady, cooled down chug. In my opinion, there is no other way to go but diffused. Plus if you get something that is glass on glass, you can use glass on glass bowlpieces with it(which are 100% airtight).

    Best option I can see for you is the downstem from Lotus Glass. You can even custom order it to the exact length of the downstem you have now. Then that piece will be a champ, quaranteed.

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