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Question regarding reporting users

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Kevin Gibbs, Mar 6, 2018.

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  1. Just today I've seen 2 people basically putting an OP down for asking a simple question or maybe something that the OP were unfamiliar with.

    Anyway, my question is if I was to report someone would they know that I was reporting them and in regard to the moderators or administrators that look over the report what they have the username of the person reporting the other person?

    I don't believe that I have personally spoken to any of the moderators or administrators and I'd like to think that y'all are top notch but I just didn't want to face retribution for reporting a rule violation.

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  2. The person You're reporting has no idea You reported them.
    Mods/Admins do, but you have nothing to fear from them
    unless it's a malicious report you're making.

    I report Spammers all the time with no worries.

    At least that's the way I understand it.
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  3. We encourage our members to report because we simply can not see every post nor thread.
    The moderators do see who made the report, others do not.

    We definitely do not want anyone to act rude or hostile towards others.

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  4. @Kevin Gibbs
    I feel most of us are here to lend a helping hand as much as we can. However we are all people and have good and bad days so I tend to let minor things slide if it looks like just that.
    A real attack or a repeatedly nasty attitude is a different story and that I'd pull in a moderator for and let them make the call.
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  5. No one sees the report except the members of the Moderating team. They are listed below. We never tell a member who reported them or their post. As ICGreen stated, we definitely encourage our members to report posts that go against our Forum Guidelines. We will deal with them appropriately.

    At one time, way back when, we saw all new posts that were created but we now have over 600,000 members and it just isn't possible for us to see everything out there. We also have a much smaller Moderating team; so, those that do report posts are helping us and are greatly appreciated. :)

    The Moderating Team:

    Moderators: ICGreen, jmick
    Super Moderators: M369, YODA, doinYODA, IgnorantFool, Stylez and Chunk
    Forum Admin: me

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