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Question regarding edible taste / baking method.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bi-PolarBear, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Sup everyone, I posted on these forums a while back after I used the online shop for a bunch of papers and a roller. But uh- shortly after somehow I mentioned I was 17 and a half. So I was banned- but grasscity admins seem to be reasonable and only banned me until I turned 18. So I've been kinda just lurking for a week or so now- but I remembered something I wanted to post. So yay to me for being 18. (Sorry for rant).
    I've been eating this weed cookies since I first started toking- actually I first ate a cookie and got decently high before I got decently high off weed. (Always tried my dads roaches but I didn't ever hit them properly LOL)
    So anyways these cookies, are absolutely REVOLTING. I buy them for $20 CAN a doz. And they're about the height of oreos, and a little flatter. But I gag when I eat them- even if it's bite sized. Me and my step brother need water to eat them. I have to have little pill sized bites and drink a mug of water with it for like 10 minutes. It's actually quite funny- I sit out on my deck and eat a weed cookie for as long as It takes me to smoke a joint- which is what I prefer. But weeds to expensive for a guy who lost his job- in the mean time these cheap as shit cookies are the best thing I have. And they are strong- right now I ate a whole one and I am ready to pass out- and my eyes are the mojave.
    So what I came here to ask- is what causes these edibles to be so disgusting- bitter, that you gag when you chew and taste them? You need water to swallow. That are so strong- but manage to be $20 CAN a doz.?
    Are they baked with shake? I heard that from my step-dad. They're dark green in appearance, like really green, and they have little spots of a sort of sugar on the bottom- but a brown sugar, could that be like thc oil or some sort of concentrate?
    I need some edibles experts in here boys&girls.
    TLDR: My edibles are very strong- cheap, but absolutely disgusting. How are they baked- what makes them this way?

  2. math lesson.
    poor quality cuts (bad trim/old shake/etc) + low quality butter / oil + little effort = horrible tasting edibles.
    dispensaries in my area have edibles that even the most refined palette cannot detect the cannabis inside.
    I suspected that they were not made with something- they don't come that strong for that cheap for no reason.
    I'm curious as to what it was though. I'm going with old shake because of what my step-dad said.
    I did have a 1/2 skor bar brownie from a work-friend of my dad's and felt all tingly but uhh- they're $60 a doz.
    well i guess it depends on your area, who you know, and if you're carded up with a medical rec.
  5. Yeah- I got way better hook ups with bud- a couple good dealers. And a ton of pot-smokin' friends (double-entendre huehuehuehue). But that's about it. So old shake it is. You ever had crappy edibles yourself? But they still knocked you on your ass :)?
    oh definitely.. an old roommate of mine bought the wrong box of brownie mix (he was stoned when he went to go get it, so i wasnt mad) and he bought enough mix to make 4 squares instead of 24 (2 dozen)
    well we put 1.5 ounces into 4 squares
    needless to say, you cannot hide the taste.. but boy we got FUCKED UP.
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  7. LOL, thanks for the replies man. Cya.

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