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    So I am nervous about making my first purchase for seeds online. I'm looking for some reassurance and personal experiences, I am wondering if anyone here has experience with making payments online with their real credit card information? I'm in the US in a non legal state and near the Canadian border, am I safer to buy Canadian or??? (not sure if this is the right section for this question)
  2. Can this not be discussed here?
  3. Hello ,

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    I also live in a place where it is illegal to smoke or carry weed , however i never had an issue on ordering seeds. Majority of the seed companies use stealth technics when they ship seeds to your address.
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  4. Indeed, so its within common practice to use personal credit card information for a purchase then?
  5. I use my personal c.c when i order
  6. Thank you, that is very reassuring. I presume by the title "Staff Member" you have done this several times?
  7. :)
  8. If you don't mind me asking, where do you go for them? I was recommended Nirvana?
  9. I use Bonza Seeds
  10. Nirvana is excellent, but doesn't sell single seeds.
    I've used nirvana, bonza, herbies, LindaSimila, Sensi, JustFeminized to get only single seeds.
    No credit card problems.
    Only one shipment was intercepted, and it was replaced.
  11. Just be aware of the need to contact your cc company and tell them you are making an out of country purchase or i guarantee your card will be declined, I have bought from nirvana and herbies with a cc with zero issues other then the above, i have also bought from greenpoint seeds which is in the us several times with no issues and no international purchase issues,
  12. I do not think Herbies takes CCs anymore?

    Bonza has switched CC processors that really messed things up for me..Had to cancel a CC because of them.
    Bonza also uses a proprietary POD thing with white stuff (removes humidity) that gets all over things including the seeds. If you use them, care is needed when opening to avoid mixing up seeds.

    I have been using MNSL in the UK with excellent results (great specials too), and have recently ordered from True North In Canada..They shipped in 24 hrs and should be here (west coast,USA) in a few days or so:)
    MY CC company is a major hawk and I usually must authorize as said above..Funny but MNSL goes thru without prior overseas authorization..LOL
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  13. Paypal and cc dcseedexchange in usa
  14. I have used Lumberjack Seed Source (USA), the Vault (UK), and The Single Seed Centre (UK) with no issues.
  15. Thank you StrangestSmoker; just placed an order with TSSC..and was wondering..
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  16. Yeah. I am a fan of TSSC. I've ordered twice from them. The freebies they are giving out right now are from Devils Harvest. AutomaticLove has Grown out the Rollex OG and she has raved about it. Neither of us have tried the auto reekin but if it is on the same lines as that Rollex, I'll be fine with that.

    Devil's Harvest Rollex OG
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  17. okay, well that makes me feel a heck of load better about using my regular everyday credit card for my method of payment. thank you for your replies everybody!
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  18. Can an individual post seeds for sale here? I have about 100 seeds not growing anymore would like to unload them. Let me know if it's ok. Am looking to sell very cheep. Very good genetics. Thanks
  19. Got my beans from TSSC the other packaging that a few others have switched to..Luckily I ordered different quantities for each strain, as there were no markings..The 2 freebies were in the same compartment and NOT separated (Invoice was marked "2 Fems")..Hopefully they sent both as the Rollex OG..Never grew an auto and don't wish to start now..Will be a few months before I try the beans out though..others in front:)
    Note: they did NOT ship in Breeders pack and the Stealth was just so-so (not even resealed)..Customs would have found them easily, if they had opened the parcel. These stealth methods (other seed banks included) need a MAJOR REFRESH!
  20. The stealth they use isn't the greatest but I have never once had an issue. All my beans would arrive labeled to what is what and sometimes with pieces of the breeders pack with the beans. Not sure how much more different they are doing the shipping process but I'm stoked to hear they are back in it. Got a few singles I would love to get ahold of.

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