Question regarding blackstar 600w led.

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    I have decided at some point in the future to try my hand at a serious indoor grow and am researching the best set up to fit my needs.

    I've decided that led is going to work well for my set up, but am curious what experience if any some of you may have had with the product I'm linking below. 600W LED Grow Light Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 600 Watts Flowering: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    I understand lighting fairly well and am not so much seeking advice about the lighting but asking if anyone can judge this product or direct me to something comparable at a better price.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. That particular light was used in a side by side against its closest competitor and it held is own and was fifty percent less than the competition

    For what it is....solid light for max two plants in a small space

    Good luck
  3. Thanks a million for the super fast reply. Would it be possible for you link more info regarding its competitor and even maybe that info on that side by side?

    I have some experience indoors with cfl bulbs, but am now trying to decide how best to progress to be able to compete or get close to success from outdoor growth. I want to be able to keep something going over the harsh winter months and so far am not happy with results from cfl alone. I'm disabled and would like to do as much of this myself as possible and the led setups look well contained and small so for me easy to manage.

    I've been avoiding the mh/hps light sets as they look quite large and would for me very difficult to move and set up.
  4. The thread was on another site....there were forum violations and the thread was deleted by the mods

    If I were you I would only use it over one plant....led is underpowered...but the GH 600 uses 300 or so actual watts....with growing watts are watts....300 watts over a single plant will perform really great in like a 2x2 tent over one plant
  5. The above is correct. LEDs run about half power of what they state they rate. Some actually publish there actual power usage most do not. I used to own a Blackstar 240 sold that now use 2 from another company. Check my signature to check them out but heres a good site for LED reviews.

    In terms of reviews this is about the best site you will get. LED reviews are very hard to come by you have to spend alot of time searching.
    The LED Grow Lights Review
  6. Thanks guys i used the info you provided and think i have found what im looking for.

    THis seems a slightly better product than the blackstar i was looking at and if i turn out to really like it there about to release a 900w and 1200 watt version. I took some advice from rhap here and searched for a led with 3w or higher chips. Anyway found this any opinions would be great but im fairly sure ive decided to purchase 600w light listed below here.
    600W Pro-Bloom LED Grow Light | Grow Stealth LED | 3W LED Grow Lights

    The price difference is considerable but from what ive learned reading more today and the feedback from this thread i think it will be well spent.

  7. Very nice a grow journal yet?
  8. No previously ive only done outdoor and few attempts with cfl to learn, but in time man i hope to.

    Again thanks for the feedback.

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