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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Ancient3328, Dec 21, 2022.

  1. Hey guys,

    I’ve been a living soil grower for years now & have had great success, however, I’ve run into an issue in my current grow & believe I know the issue & am curious what to do about it.

    The last two times I’ve “built” my soil, the only perlite the hydro store near me has had is the #4 I believe, which are LARGE stones.

    The first time I mixed with these I noticed a LOT of drainage, as I keep my 20 gallon Rain Science pots on trays with elevators, however, it eventually became less & had better retention over time.

    This new batch of soil, however, is draining a LOT & I believe it’s leading to my plants not being fully watered, which is leading to strange twisting leaf symptoms, yet the green is still fully in the leaves with some droopy leaves as well.

    I use aloe Vera powder from Amazon, yet it doesn’t mix as well as the BAS aloe powder, yet it is a lot cheaper

    My question is, how could I remediate this issue currently in my grow as my plants are just entering flower & id love to be able to stop having to wet vac the drip trays every week lol.

    Also, I water my plants (which are about 4-5 ft tall) with 1.5 gallons of water every other day & that’s worked great for years, yet this time they’re pissing out water.

    Thank you guys for all of your help & I will throw some pics up later when I’m in my grow.
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  2. It sounds as though your soil may have gone hydrophobic. The aloe you purchased from amazon may have very little saponins in it. Have you tried using any other wetting agent? You may also want to try very slowly watering, waiting 15 minutes and slowly watering again and repeating this process until you reach a tiny bit of run off? I do find it hard to bring our organic mediums back once they have dry pockets in them. The above process usually works with quality soap nuts,aloe or yucca root powder in your water.
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  3. Besides what TimJ mentioned above. Try more frequent waterings with half as much water.
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  4. You’re getting good advice here.

    I would add, get rid of those elevators and let that pot sit directly into that tray. When you water, let the excess collect in the tray. Allow the plant and soil to wick the water back up into the container slowly for about an hour. Remove the excess water after that ( very important, sorry… hang onto the shop vac)
    . A little sub irrigation goes a long way in container grows. :thumbsup:
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  5. A couple things stood out to me. Droopy, twisted leaves and soil that isn’t draining as well as it used to. I remembered we had discussed water quality a long time ago. I was able to find your water report and see it was on the verge of having too much Na and Cl. Otherwise known as salinity. The symptoms you described makes this even more plausible.

    Are the plants using less water than normal? Does water pool up on the surface as you’re watering and takes awhile to soak in? Is there an absence of roots just under the mulch layer? Is there any white residue on the soil surface?
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  6. If you have hydrophobic patches developing from excessive drainage, sub-irrigation may also be of help.
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