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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by doityourself, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I'm sure parts of this have been covered before but, not this aspect. - I am in possession of one 400W induction light approx. 5,000K. Dimensions are 4'-11" Long by 1' wide. What I had in mind was to either mount one on each end, a 150W HPS (or) directly in the middle, a 400W HPS. I would add a switch so I could veg under the induction only, and then just turn on the HPS when it comes time to flower. I could even put the little 150W HPS on the ends in addition to the 400W HPS in the middle. Only issue then would be 1000+ watts for the flowering cycle. I want to eliminate some of that wattage by using the induction.

    This would allow my flower room to also be the room I veg my clones in for a couple of weeks. Keeps me from having to move 100+/- clones from one room to another.
    Does this sound like a decent idea to you seasoned growers or, have I started down a bad road. Haven't made any changes yet as I would have to increase the size of my bud room to accommodate the extra size of the induction light.

    Any first-hand knowledge is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance for all the assistance.
  2. Anyone? Ferris? Ferris? Any ideas? Im going home shortly and checking out one or the other. it would be good to have some first hand knowledge prior to doing all that wiring and will building and everything that goes with it. Plus it's supposed to be in the thirties tonight.

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