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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by ashumz, May 20, 2004.

  1. hi again.

    i posted a message (replY) on the same thread that i did before about backordering, but i havent been answered. i was hoping the forum would be quciker than the support because in the past it has been and i get a better answer than when i do the support request.

    so im gonna ask one last time, is there any way to know what the status of my glass pipe is? i ordered it at least 2 weeks ago and at first it said backordered, but i have no idea if it still is or anything. i havent gotten any email regarding the seperate shipment of it, or even if it has come into stock or been made or whatever happens. id just like to know about when to expect it. as i said in my reply, ive already recieved all the other stuff in my order, and its all great! but its just the pipe thats left and thats the part im really looking forward to. so yah, if i could get any help on that, thatd be cool. thankyou!
  2. You should personal message super joint. Theyre probaBLY having a vacation and no one is working or something,
  3. They are always working!

    I know it is hard, but be patient.. SJ answers his support before he answers here most of the time.

    To answer your question, you should be able to check on your order status again.. it should tell you about the shipping or back order...

    I'll PM SJ and let him know you would like a responce.

  4. vacation???? we operate 365 days a year!

  5. answered via PM
  6. thank you sooooo much
    just so you know, i didnt think u were taking a vacation :) i just kept getting weird answers from the support section cuz i think my question was worded weirdly on my part. but you nailed it this time, so thanks :)

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