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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by JC-JC, May 23, 2006.

  1. Hi me and my friend are doing an outdoor grow. Me and him bought a mini green house. pics- . Thats not the exact one but its very simular. The one we bought has a watering system in it.

    We germinated the seeds and put them in the slots.. But when we put the cover on the moisture fogged up the plastic top and it has been out in a spot were there is almost direct sunlight throughout the day and they didnt sprout yet. Is it becasue the fogg from the plastic cover is blocking the sunlight?
  2. patience :) if i were more patient i now had 20 instead of 4 plants
  3. MJ does not need sunlight to germinate the seed. In fact, some people put the seed in a dark place until it sprouts.
  4. i already germinated the seeds befor i planted them im just wondering if there not sprouting becasue the cover is gettin fogged up
  5. No not becuase of the fog, are you checking the pucks to make sure they are staying moist???

    Did you plant them facing the right way down?
    How long did you wait after Germination before planting them
    Did you ever leave the napkin or whatever you used to dry out after the taproots came out the seed (if so they could be dead)
  6. You are repeating the same question without reading replies you have had.
  7. the pucks are moist i planted the seeds the right way when they were done germinating i planted them, there just starting to sprout now after 3 days
  8. Glad to hear that.

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