Question: Picking off the FEEDER/FAN leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by HiTCheR, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. The girl I'm growing with decided to pick off all of the large and rather useless to smoke fanleaves off of our five outdoor plants while i was away.

    She says that picking all the leaves off will make the buds grow bigger.

    Is this true? Or did she just rape my plants.

    Can you include a few details on getting bigger buds too? THANKS!
  2. I do that to my plants. I assume it makes it bigger. Instead of focusing on the keeping those big leaves alive, the plant puts more energy into the buds..I dont pick them all of though..I leave a few.
  3. picking the fan leafs that are still being used by the plant is not a good idea.

    I let all mine fall off naturely they help feed the flowers food the plant stores away.

    you pick off the really yellow dead ones only.

    your friends a "retard"

  4. if you want bigger/potent buds give it nutrients. while its flowering you want something high in Phosphorous Rating i use Shultz Bloom Builder 5-30-5 Liquid Plant Food.


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