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Question, Panic attack?

Discussion in 'General' started by cjoII, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. So me and my friend where ripping my new bong I just bought this is the second time it has been used, anyways im not going to name him so ill just call him X. So X has not smoked in months, he has been on drug testing and now he can finally smoke, we went to our friends house smoked a quick bowl and left then we went over mine. Later that night we go outside to smoke and we both take some nice rips, i'm only a 4-5/10 (Highness) We go inside and get some snacks. Then this kid starts tripping out hes like come here i cant see you where are you. (I was 3 feet away) his expression goes blank and he starts wobbling everywhere and i have to literally hold him or he will fall over, he says he cant see me and then he falls into my door frame. I try to communicate with him but from this point on hes in some sort of a trance his head was wobbling around everywhere and he could barely stand up. Anyways I grab him and slowly walk him to my bed, he lays down. I turn around and close my door then he falls out of bed after that he starts coming down, we start talking and he says that everything is so much more vibrant and that he sees neon colors (my wall is pastel green, he said it looked like bright neon and glowing) and that all my objects like my lamp and shit were just little fuzzy blurry distorted balls in the distance. After that we go in the living room so we can watch some TV i give him some blankets because he says he really really cold, ten minutes later hes so cold hes shivering and it looks like hes having a damn seizure. He says hes fine after that and he just got the munchies really bad and was back to normal, keep in mind normal at this point is like 100/10 when before it was like 1000/10. In the end I was talking to him the next day and he says that everything I said he felt like it was my mom talking to him, and that he would see bright lights and then see ntohing but black when his eyes were wide open, as if they were clsoed. So what i'm wondering is, What just happened?
  2. It's referred to as 'greening out' by must people, but yeah he just had a panic attack. He smoked more than his body was used to probably too quickly as well.

    It happens to almost everyone at least once and it's nothing to worry about really, it just sucks at the time.
  3. Ive had two panic attacks before when I smoekd too much and I was only scared that something was after me once, and the second time I was scared that I would die. This seemed much much more.
  4. Always different for everyone.
  5. the best thing to do in the situation when someone is greening out is to tell them that they're going to be fine. Just keep reminding them that it's just weed and no one has ever died from weed. Knowing it's impossible to od on weed helps alot when you are greening out

  6. Yea, I kept telling him hes ok and it'll be over soon, then I tried bringing him back to reality, I heard somewhere that if this happens you should look around and then try to recognize real life items, so I had him look at different things like the door and the ps3 and the bed and stuff and had him name them. Idk if this really works but it seemed to work, anyone have an opinion on this?
  7. That's some crazy shit. I've smoked with friends who aren't regular tokers a few times and the worst that has happened is they green out, throw up, get a headache, and pass out. Never have I seen someone trip balls like that just from smoking bud.
  8. yeah, it generally happens to everyone. it's usually because you get too high too quick and it just rocks you. i've had a severe panic attack my fifth time smoking where i almost passed out and felt like my insides were crushing each other. extremely magnified senses as well

    my ex one time got so high i had to catch her before she fell over in the woods and i laid her down on stairs. told her to close her eyes and just relax because she was fine, but i can only imagine how fucked up she was

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